Leatherback turtles

Innocent turtles are being harmed!

Turtles are INNOCENT!

Save the leatherback turtles by feeding them/caring about this turtles or letting this leatherback turtles free after catching them.

Caring about leatherback turtles

These turtles are almost extinct,we need to save this turtles to stop them from being extinct.

Leatherback turtles left

There are about 60,000 leatherback turtles left.Leatherback turtles do not deserve to die.They are very innocent.You may think 60,000 may be a lot of leatherback turtles,but its not at all.

Why leatherback turtles' life matters

Life is precious to everyone,even turtles.Our selfish act is neither kind or helpful.This turtles are near extinction,as said life is precious.
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Under here.


Leatherback turtles live near the beaches.

Is it worth caring about them?

Where they live

Is down here.
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Is helping them worth it?

Yes,helping innocent turtles from extinction is worth it because,these turtles would not do harm,not like tigers or anything ferocious.