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All That Hard Work Behind An Oil Painting

Get aware about the hard work that goes in making an oil painting and those several weeks to months of labor that go behind it.


Oil paintings are a beautiful form of art, and there have been some great painters and artists in this field. The style of art has been changing over the years, and it certainly has been a long journey for this medium.The paintings made in oil are very rich and carry textures. They are much different from watercolors and look very attractive. Today, there is a huge demand for these paintings, and there is a growing popularity seen for oil paintings for sale. The art on oil began during the middle ages. During those times, many great artists opted for oil because of their long lasting resistance and durability.Thanks to those great artists and their versatile use of oil paints, today, one comes across a great collection of art in oil.

Thanks to those great men because of the usage of oil paints only, we can enjoy the stupendous collection of various artists. When your have a look at oil paintings Chandigarh, it is hard not to miss the hard labor of the artist. A simple piece of artwork can take months to complete. There are different Color pigments and binders to use, as well as poppy seed oils, safflower oils, Linseed oils,and walnut oils. These oils have to be mixed with the pigments and used with brushes made up of different fibers. As the oil does not dry up faster, it consume a lot of work and time. Sometimes, those paints may take a couple of days to dry completely. Thus, if an artist is painting in layers, he has to wait patiently for each layer to dry up. He can make changes in the drying period of the painting though. The professional art conservators consider oil paintings Delhi to be well dried only after they are 60-80 years old.

Artists have been experimenting all these years and the paintings in oil paintings reached their pinnacle during the renaissance. During this time, wooden panels were used as a base medium, and the artists would stretch their canvas over the wooden panel, with a variety of brushes to create unique effects.Some artists painted with knives and blades, and even their fingers. Oil paintings India is an astonishing form of art today. Today, there are many well-known artists who work superbly with oil paint, and there are far more refined tools to create the art.

Today, the oil paints are water based, and it is easier to clean those paints, in place of using the turpentine. The painters can now thin and clean up the miscible oil paints with water rather than using the turpentine. The advantage is that the artists now need not tolerate the deep scent of toxic chemicals in the oil paints. There are lesser safety measures required with the paints and the medium.

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