Wedding Planner

Edie Fairchild

Facts About Job

-Average Salary is $44,260 a year but you can make as much as $120,000.

-Able to own your own company and branch out into different areas

-There are no required licenses or certifications to be a wedding planner but if you want to be successful, experience and organization is very helpful.

Job Benefits

-Decide your own salary

-You can be your own boss, so you can decide your own work hours and your work load.

-You can choose to travel to help plan destination weddings or stay local.

-Little training and requirements

-You get to help make the Bride and Groom's day one they can remember forever!

-Wedding Planner's are always in need because wedding's can get stressful therefore you will always have business.

Daily Tasks

-Talk to clients and get an idea of want they want their wedding to be like. This includes, venue, price range, theme, date and time of day, etc.

-Plan Rehearsal dinner, Bridesmaids fitting, Groomsmen fitting, and reception.

-Call all businesses that will need for planning the wedding like catering for the food and cake, and people who will set up for reception (decorations and flowers)

-Organize a timeline for the day of the wedding.

-Design wedding invitations and send them out according to their guest list.

-Be there the day of the wedding to supervise and make sure the wedding goes smoothly and they way the clients want.

A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner

Monday- Call clients and get ideas from them to start organizing details for the big day.

Tuesday- Go to bakery to do cake testing and decide on a wedding cake. Go to Florist and decide what flowers they want.

Wednesday- Go look at venues with them so they can pick a place.

Thursday- Go to different restaurants to taste food for the meal they want at the reception.

Friday- Go look at wedding dresses and tuxes and get fitted for the bride and the groom.