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September 4th Weekly Staff Newsletter by: Kimberly Kindred

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A note from Kimberly

Another amazing week! Be proud that you are off to such a wonderful start. We were able to make headway on several things this week...lockers (thanks Bill), ID badges, student assemblies. We are getting closer to having all of these items taken care of...thank you for your patience with this.

Just as a reminder, our official jeans day will be on Fridays with spirit shirts. We will continue to wear college shirts on Wednesday incorporated with professional dress.

Thank you for being at your doors in between classes actively monitoring students, greeting them, joking around, and loving on them.

Hope everyone has a great LONG weekend. I know for myself, I have very little planned and sometimes that makes for the best weekend.


Kimberly :)

Google Certified Educator

Have you ever considered becoming a Google Certified Educator? I know with being a Google campus and having 1:1 Chrome books, the idea of becoming certified fits right in with the values of this campus. I am currently working on my certification. There is a level 1 and a level 2. All of the training and resources are free for both levels. The level 1 exam is 10 dollars and the level 2 is 25 dollars. If you feel you are advanced, you can skip the level 1 and just move forward to level 2. But try out the resources first! This IS NOT mandatory. Its about evolving and growing as educators and perfecting what we do in the classroom with technology.

If you already have this certification (Whooo hoooo!), please add it to your email signature so that we can, as a campus, begin to communicate that message out to the community.https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/certification_level1

3 week progress reports - Parent Communication

With coming up on 3 week progress reports, be sure you are communicating with parents about grades...especially failing grades. If a parent gets a failing progress report, this should NOT BE a surprise to them. Lets make every attempt to connect with parents when necessary.
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HOW we are using technology in the classroom is always the question I get from parents. Coming from a 1:1 school, parents questioned how teachers would be utilizing technology in their lessons, if any, and what that would mean for them and their students.

I know most of you are familiar with SAMR. I have included the picture below. Spend some time this week reflecting on your technology integration goals for the year, using technology in your lesson plans, and how they fit into the SAMR model. I will always be a thought partner for you along with all of our technology staff and administrative team here on campus.

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Open House

Cosondra will be feeding us before open house! Yay Mrs. Clay! Hopefully, no one will have to leave and can spend that time getting themselves prepared to meet our parents. We will be in professional dress that day.
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Teacher Self Reports are due September 23rd

Don't forget to get your completed TSR to your appraiser by September 23rd. You also have the option of scheduling a pre conference with your appraiser, if needed.

September Important Dates

September 4--Back to School Dance (2:45-3:30)--PEP RALLY SCHEDULE

September 7--Labor Day--NO SCHOOL

September 14--Open House (5:00-8:00)

September 23--Picture Retake

September 23--Faculty Meeting

September 23 - Teacher Self Reports are DUE

September 25--Pay Day

September 28 - Hispanic Parent Meeting Night

September 30--Technology Integration Session 1--D101 during your duty period

DJ Turtle (Diego) did a wonderful job at the dance today!

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