Poetry Rocks!

April is National Poetry Month

Poetry : writing that usually involves figurative language and lines that have rhythm and sometimes rhyme

"Poetry." Merriam-Webster, 2016. Web. 29 Mar. 2016. <http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/poetry>.

30 Ways to Celebrate

30 Ways to Celebrate

Sign up for Poem-a-Day

Every weekday original poems are sent out via email, the web, and social media to 500,000+ readers. You can sign up here. Perhaps students or teachers could take it in turns to read a poem aloud each morning.

Sign up for Teach This Poem

Every week, an email is sent to K-12 educators, featuring one poem with resources and classroom activities. It’s designed to help teachers quickly and easily bring poetry into the classroom. You can sign up here.

Encourage a young person to participate in the Dear Poet project

Students in grade 5 to 12 are invited to write letters in response to poems written and read by some of the award-winning poets. Find out more here.

Start a poetry reading group

This could be in your class, or perhaps as a lunchtime or after school activity. Find more tips on starting a group here.

Try Magnetic Poetry

Let your students create their own poems with easy to use tool!

Kids Magnetic Poetry

Poetry idea engine-read write think

Write Your own Haiku Poem-Read Write Think

Big picture

Write your own acrostic poem-Read write think

Big picture

Write your own riddle poem

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Write your own theme poem

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Dear Poet 2016

Write to a poet!

Resources from Reading Rockets

Need More Ideas?

  • Hold a March Madness Poetry Tournament
  • Complete this poem...
  • Write a poem and make a video (green screen)
  • Create a poem using emojis