It's a dream

Luis Rodriguez


Its a Dream! The story of three teens that live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. When there high school hosts the 1st annual dance competition a big time Hollywood director comes and views the performances. Jonny Ray, Lenny and Tony, three freshman that been best friends since day one joined the competition and have been selected to be apart of something bigger than themselves. come and see how three go from normal average teens to big time Hollywood stars.


Jonny Ray

The slacker.known for being the cool kid skater on the block and being one of the best dancers in school . And always getting wrapped up in lady trouble.


The smart one. Likes to read in his spear time and always thinking of ways to make them better dancers. The one that makes sick beats during dance battles.


The chill one. the go with the flow kind guy. Always down to try new moves and has a competitive side. always trying to keep things positive.

A day in L.A. is like a day in heaven.