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Todd O.

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I choose this quote because it made me laugh because it was so true. I always tell myself that i need to only read 6 chapters so i still have books to read , and every time it is a cliffhanger and I just want to keep reading. I also love reading series but the first book always end in a cliffhanger so you buy the second book.

about me

My name is Todd and I love reading I brings you to new and amazing places, and good books will let you have a great image.I was taught to read by my mom because she know it is in portent so i can thrive as a person. I only let myself read 6 chapter so I dont finish the book to fast. I read so i can spell better and it is one of the funnest things to do.

ten guided questions

1 I like to read very much

2 I like a lot off kinds o books

3 I like to read SIFI, Mystery,Historical Fiction and Action and adventure

4 I enjoy those books because they keep me on the edge of my seat

5 One week night I to read 30 minutes

6 Weekends i read about 45 minutes

7 I read some parts i dont understand

8 I always think what going to happen next

9 Some times i think about my life and in the book

10 I am a positive reader

I love to read SIFI and Mystery. I try to read every day. I get a lot of recommendations from my older siblings. I love series can keep reading the same type of book. I love reading and it very fun. I love to read to my family. I also love when my dad and me read the same book so we can discuss it. I like books with action. I also like the sires I am Number Four. I love historical fiction too.

OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Music Song Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I choose Somewhere over the Rainbow because it show that you are so calm and happy when you read a book. You also feel like your not where your reading it.


I am reading I have a Bad Feeling About This. This is my first day starting the book (5/1). But i just finished The Power of Six . I really like this book because it has SIFI and Action and Adventure. And I would recommend this book to people that like Aliens and fighting, but this is the second book in a series I am Number Four.

My Favorite

I love the Hunger Games series. Also I love the book Hatchet. I also love the book My side of the Mountain because it show a kid around my age surviving in the wilderness all alone, but by chose. I like Hunger Games Because Its a girls struggle to survive in a blood bath game.
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Good Book Site

This is good because I has a wide variation of books and you can buy the book.

Good Book Site

This site is good because it has a ton on books, and it shows you the best rated book that they have.


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