Lord of the Flies

Written by William Golding


Lord of the Flies, a dystopian novel published on September 17 1954, is a classic read, that informs young readers the significance of teamwork, as well as the importance of leadership.

Suzanne Collins has read it, and still loves it today!

"Lord of the Flies is one of my favorite books. This was a big influence on me as a teenager; I still read it every couple of years". - Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games trilogy


After a devastating plane crash that left numerous British boys on their own, with no adult supervision. The boys are faced to choose what they wish to become, and decide on their own, whether or not they wish to be rescued. With the competition of Jack and Ralph as the chief, the rest of the boys biguns as well as littluns are left to decide on their own. Different opinions as well as the continual disagreements between the hunters and regular folk, the boys eventually split off into two groups led by two different leaders, Jack and Ralph. They are left to decide on their own what they wish to become, savages or civilized human beings.

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