Kick For Kids

soccer for children

The Big Day is coming up!

We will have a V.I.P. hosting this charity-Cristiano Ronaldo! He is flying in from Madrid for this very important day. We will have refreshments and lots of games for kids and adults of all ages! Bring everyone you know!

Kick for Kids

Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 9am-9pm

10 North 2nd St # 104

Harrisburg, PA

bring soccer balls and shoes to donate!
9a.m.- 10a.m.: breakfast
10a.m.-11a.m.: soccer game for 5-7 yrs
11a.m.-12p.m.: soccer game for 8-10 yrs
12p.m.-1p.m.: soccer game for 11-12 yrs
1p.m.-2p.m.: lunch/special guest arrives
2p.m.-3p.m.: soccer game for 13-15 yrs
3p.m.-4p.m.: soccer game for 16+ yrs
5p.m.-6p.m.: Cristiano Ronaldo skill show
6p.m.-7p.m.: dinner with Ronaldo
7p.m.-8p.m.: kids play with Ronaldo
8p.m.-9p.m. Ronaldo signs stuff