Alyson Noel

Counseling Career

As i continue my education at the collegiate level, I plan to study in the major of Psychology. In the near future after graduating college and stabilizing myself, I would like to obtain the profession of a counselor. There are several areas of counseling in which I can get involved in and I don't really have a preference as to which one is my favorite. Counseling ranges from young children to adults and deals with the unthinkable number of cases. There are standards that graduates have to meet in order to insure that they are well prepared and skilled for the profession. The standards are developed by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Counseling is becoming a highly needed thing in the United States these days and will continue to progress and grow up the ladder board. Some say that later on, we won't need real live counselors anymore because with innovations and new technologies, everything will be computer based. People can tell the computer what is going on and in return get feedback, helpful cures and suggestions, and could also get diagnosed. I believe that speaking face to face is a better option however.

Beautiful Nightmare


Into the deep hours of the night, she is shaking, sweating, screaming! Delaney, a teenage girl who cannot go one day without having horrible dreams or hallucinations, has to finally get some help from the highly recommended Dr Jazz. Delaney seeks love but is hesitant in her actions. With some passionate, intense, and heartbreaking moments, her nightmares are exchanged for beautiful memories. What will she decide to do to find her true love? Who will she decide to trust? Decisions....Decisions.......


  • Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • 2038
  • Owl Tree

Rising Action:

  • Delaney reveals to her grandmother, Rosalita, that she has been having bad dreams and hallucinations that occur frequently. Rosalita says that she too had those as a teenager.
  • Rosalita and Delaney found out about the Owl Tree online and decided to go to the practice for help.
  • Delaney met Dr. Jazz who allowed her to speak freely about her feelings. Meanwhile, had to be hooked up to a bunch of wires that were connected to a voice recorder and computer. This tracked her every thought, emotion, and whatever her body was feeling, so that Dr. Jazz had it for future records and such.
  • Delaney met Brad, Dr. Jazz's son, who is the same age. They act all flirty and cute, but both kind of believe that the connection was too close.
  • Delaney's recordings show Dr. Jazz that she has been undergoing a lot of stress. She gives her some simple medicine perfect for the issue. The recordings gave her an idea of what to concoct together to create a medicine to cure all problem areas.


  • Delaney is cured and free from her sickness

Falling Action:

  • Rosalita grows sick and is near death.
  • Delaney is very sad and confused about her grandmother's condition, so she goes to Dr. Jazz and wants to vent to her. Remembering her past records and issues, Dr. Jazz knows exactly how to calm Delaney and help her with the worry.
  • Brad tries to also relax Delaney down, but she acts all standoffish because she thinks he is only talking to her because he feels bad.
  • Rosalita passes away.
  • Dr. Jazz gets Delaney a job in town and allows her to live in her guest house.


  • Brad sneaks into his mom's office and started watching the sessions she had with Delaney. he looked at the pictures of her brain and body. From the images and thoughts in her brain, he discovered that there was a part of her that was in love with somebody but was timid with what to do. She loved him! Soon, he made his move and they began to date, live their life together, and awwww! (:

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