Chemical Smore Assignment

Calcium carbonate (AKA Limestone)


1. It is used to neutralize excess-acidity in lakes and in soils.

2. Limestone is used as a building material.

3. Used to purify iron in blast furnaces.

3 chemical properties of calcium carbonate

1. Lime (CaO) (38-42%)

2. Loss On Ignition (LOI) (30-32%)

3. Silica (SiO2) (15-18%)

3 facts about calcium carbonate you might've not known. (unless you're just super smart.)

1. Calcium carbonate makes up 4% of the earth's crust.

2. Over 20%of the world's sedimentary rocks are composed of chalk or limestone.

3. Limestone is inorganic and made up of remains of microscopic animals and foraminifera.