By:Lauren W.

Winter Break

Best Christmas Present Ever From Santa

When I looked at my sister pile of presents then mine I was thinking was "I was good this year and better behaved than my sister at leased I thought", maybe Santa does not like me, yeah that is what I'm going with. But the first present I opened expanded it all because it was a iPhone 5c! I was so exited I screamed, but my sister got a chalk/white board. back to me. My dad and Santa were working together to get me the iPhone and my mom had no idea but it saved her a lot of money for my birthday I was suppose to wait tell my birthday, but since I'm responsible I got it early. the best part was that I can call my friends and family.

going to my grandmas house on Christmas Eve

I went to my grandmas house on Christmas eve and I got to pick out a new bike I got a purple Mongoose. It is way big on me and I can grow into it.I tried to ride it a few times but I need to figure out how to hop down without falling and tipping over. another present I got was a remote control jeep, it can go out side in the grass, in mud, and it can go inside. when I got it I drove it by my sister and she rolled/threw down the steps and a piece of it chipped of and now it sometimes it will not drive how I want it to, but my dad put some hot glue on it and it is all good . When I'm at home I'll drive it around and will pull things behind it. That have wheels,I made a remote controlled line with all of my cars put together.

new years eve

I went to my friend Riese house and when I got there my two best friends were there Riese and Sydney. We went into her room and had the disco ball and other stuff on. her mom told us that the food was ready, so we went down and ate some snacks. The parents started playing games that Riese made up like.they had to hum a song until some one guessed it, one other one was they had cards and the other people had to guess who the famous person is, and the last one it also had cards and it would say bff and they had to say best friend forever. After the games we/ the parents watched a concert. then when it struck 12:00 we got t to pop confetti and pull these weird things. After that we picked up the confetti and I looked at the clock and it was 2:00 so we said are goodbyes and left.When we got home it was at least 2:50. Right when I got when we pulled into the driveway and walked in to the house I went st right upstairs and went to bed.