Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High


Fairytail Story



First of all, chimpanzees live in Central and Western Africa.They love being in swampland's, grasslands, and woodlands. They are omnivores and they eat plants and meat. Every evening they make a cozy fresh nest out of leaves. We are relatives to them because we have 98% of the same genetic material, and they are very intelligent. There lifespan goes about 50 to 60 years in captivity.They have a gestation that goes about eight months.There predators are humans and leopards. There weight is about 55 to 110 lbs. They use branches or big sticks to throw at the enemy. There size goes about to 3 to 41/2 feet tall standing. They have a Swahili name that is sokwe mtu and they have a scientific name pan troglodytes. Other relatives to the chimpanzees are the Eastern gorilla, bonobo, and the Sumatran orangutan.

Simon in ''Deep" Trouble

Simon in “Deep’’ Trouble

One day there was a monkey named Simon, and a sailor that was his friend. On that day, they were on a ship and there was a huge storm and the ship wrecked. The sailor was dead, but in that storm Simon was drowning like a crazy man. He was screaming and a dolphin named Caesar helped him up on his back and asked him if he knew the Athen. Then Simon told the dolphin he knew the Athen and that they were close friends, but Caesar didn’t believe him, and so Caesar drowned him in the deep sea.

The Lorax

Movie Title: The Lorax

Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie: Ted-Zac Efron Andrei-Taylor Swift Lorax-Danny Devito

Summary of the Movie in your own words: This movie is about a 12-year-old boy that searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it, he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.

What is your Favorite Dessert?

A. Pumpkin Pie-0%

B. Cheesecake-12%

C. Apple pie-12%

D. Cooke Dough Blizzard-12%

E. Ice Cream Cake-64%

Need For Speed Midnight Club

What I like about this game is that I can design cars the way I want to. I can drive the cars and I can drive motorcycles.In my car, I can travel to other places and see other cars. I can race with other cars.I can sell cars. I can do tournaments and win cash. I can buy cars and I can just cruise around.


School Day

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I agree to making the school day just four days. This gives you more time for homework at school. Then, the weekends would be longer for you to get to play video games and to do things with your family.