All about Civil Rights

No More Crow Laws!!!-By Jonah & Matt A.

Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow Laws were very unfair to blacks.They did not let the blacks go to the same school with whites, they did not let them drink out of the same water fountain. They did not let them even ride the same bus! Rosa parks rode the bus and the bus was full and a white man went on the bus and a white man came on and the bus driver told her to get to the back but she didn't so she got arrested.


Segregation means blacks are separated from whites. In 1890, Louisiana passed a Jim Crow Law that segregated railroad cars. It also segregated schools, drinking fountains, stores, neighborhoods and movie theaters. This made African Americans mad and began to fight for fair rights. Because if of the Jim Crow Laws, many blacks began to move North where they had more freedom. This was called the Great Migration.

Woman's Rights

In the late 1800's, women didn't have the same rights as men did. Lots of women were homemakers. Here are some of the things that women didn't have that men had the privileges as men did & they didn't get to vote, they didn't get to have a job. They didn't get to go the same stores as well. And whenever a lady ran for president, no one would vote for her.
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