A.C.E Adventures

September Newsletter

Welcome to September and a new year of fun and adventures in ACE! Now that Springboro Schools and Bright Beginnings are both in session, our regular routine has been taking shape. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and loving learning environment for your child/children during his/her off school hours, while encouraging cooperation, enrichment and respect among all children. We hope your child will enjoy his/her time at ACE with his/her friends here, and are looking forward to a positive year ahead!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been doing and learning about this month:


Fruit of the Spirit: self-control

Bible Verse: “God saw everything that He had made and, indeed, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

Mission: Snack Pack drive

These donations will help the Springboro Community Assistance Center with the Backpack program. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Special Days in September

19th - Early Release from Springboro Schools

28th - In-service - no school, A.C.E in session for full day - Field trip to the Columbus Zoo for K-5th. (More info will come)

Tour of the Continents: Africa

Jambo! (Hello!) We will be learning all sorts of fun facts about Africa! We are excited to do some awesome experiments with the kids. From sun-made smores, to dirt sun block! The kids will also enjoy African games including balancing baskets on their heads, and a Kenyan math game called Shisima. Make sure you ask your kiddos about the game of SPUD too! We'll be sampling African cuisine as well. From plantains and yams to Mama Panya's Pancakes and Elephant biscuits.

G.P.S. - Grow, Pray, Serve

Every morning before school and afternoon, after snack, we gather in the sanctuary and discuss the Fruit of the Spirit, watch and read Bible stories, listen to inspirational stories and learn to listen to each other. We incorporate character development with each of our sessions. Children learn to pray with compassion, joy and love for not only their families and friends but the world around us. We are excited to watch them grow this year!

Meet our amazing A.C.E. Staff

Cindy Cochran- A.C.E. Amigos

Mrs. Cindy has a B.A. in Management and Communications from Wright State University. Prior to joining Bright Beginnings, she was a sales manager for a software/hardware firm and a stay at home mom. She has been with Bright Beginnings for eight years. Mrs. Cindy loves the energy of the kids – their smiles, their laughter, their absolute love of everything. And, of course, their big hugs! She and her husband have four children and dalmatian/lab mix dog. Her family spends a lot of time fundraising and raising awareness for The Children’s Tumor Foundation because one of her children has Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a genetic disorder. She loves running and being active. The family enjoys boating on the Ohio River and Lake Cumberland. They also love their summer vacation at Wild Dunes, SC

Theresa Gebhardt – Morning A.C.E.

Mrs. Theresa has been with Bright Beginnings for six years. She also works as an office assistant and helps with Lunch Bunch. Her background is in human resources. She really enjoys working with the A.C.E. students because they are starting to explore new interests. Mrs. Theresa enjoys the diversity of her position – every day is different!

Jordan Hanson- Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Miss Jordan’s second year with A.C.E. She is a recent graduate from Miami University where she earned a Bachelor of Science. Miss Jordan loves being able to watch children grow with what they are learning. She loves being outside and doing activities like kayaking, camping and sand volleyball. She also loves to play hockey, which she has been doing for 17 years.

Cheryl Harrison- Morning A.C.E.

Mrs. Cheryl has Bachelor degree in finance from the University of Dayton. The 2017/2018 school year is her third at Bright Beginnings. However, all three of her children attended Bright Beginnings and had such great experiences. She is so excited to be a part of the learning, nurturing and fun that occurs here. When not teaching the 3 year old class or working with our morning A.C.E. students, she enjoys boating with her family and watching her kids play lacrosse.

Debbie Henson- Morning A.C.E.

This is Miss Debbie’s second year at Bright Beginnings. She was a stay at home mom to her 3 wonderful children for 19 years. I enjoy coming to work everyday and working with the children. The kids are truly a blessing to work with.

Shelly Houser- Morning and Afternoon A.C.E.

Miss Shelly is the proud mom of Isabel and Rory . She has been an active member of First United Methodist Church for over 17 years. Her husband, Kevin, works at Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati. Together they enjoy vacationing in Florida, but Scotland holds a very special place in Shelly’s heart.

Stefi Kalbacher – Morning A.C.E.

Mrs. Stefi has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the College of William and Mary and a Master of Science in Secondary Education from Old Dominion University. She taught Kindergarten – 3rd grades for 8 years in Virginia and 2nd grade for 6 years in Springboro. She says, “I love being there when someone has that “aha moment” – the time when he/she understands a concept or conquers a challenge. When working with children, one is able to witness such moments and the huge smiles that usually accompany them. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience!” Mrs. Stefi enjoys spending time with her family. They love sharing time together on their boat – water skiing, wake boarding and wake surfing. They also enjoy snow skiing in the winter.

Sarah Knapp- Morning and Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Miss Sarah’s second year at Bright Beginnings. She recently moved to Springboro from New york where she worked at a preschool with Pre-K four year olds, and loved it. “Coming to work everyday with children is rewarding and a blessing, I love watching them grow.” When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her two children and family. They love doing outdoor activities.

Joyce Kylin- Morning A.C.E.

Mrs. Joyce graduated from Purdue University’s School of Consumer and Family Sciences and holds a Certificate of Continuing Early Childhood Education. She has been a teacher at Bright Beginnings since the first year the school opened in 2003. She is excited to be a part of the church ministry and the preschool. Mrs. Joyce loves watching her students in all their activities. Mrs. Joyce, her husband and their four children have lived in Springboro for over fourteen years and have enjoyed watching the town’s growth. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga.

Harold Perry- Bus Driver

Mr. Harold is the A.C.E. program bus driver and serves as the custodian for the church and pre-school. He is a retired law enforcement officer for the city of Dayton, having served for 35 years. He feels an important part of his job is to teach the children bus etiquette. He has been married 40 years and is the father of two and grandfather of five. He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening and raising his pet pygmy goats. He is also a big Bengals and Reds fan.

Hailey Henson- Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Miss Hailey's third year at Bright Beginnings. She is currently attending Miami University studying law. She enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors. She finds joy in working with children everyday.

Maegan Landreville- Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Maegan's second year with A.C.E.. She has a Special Education Degree from Ohio State University and thinks the best thing about being in the classroom is hearing a child say "I did it!" with a big smile on his/her face. Maegan loves spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors and road tripping...especially to the beach! :)

Ashley West- Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Miss Ashley's second year at Bright Beginnings. She loves travel and photography as well as spending time with family and friends. Miss Ashley loves working with kids everyday and she finds joy in watching them learn and grow!

Grace Pisula- Afternoon A.C.E.

This is Miss Grace's 4th year at Bright Beginnings. She is currently a student at Sinclair Community College. She has been with ACE and Bright Beginnings since she was 19 years old. She loves spending time with her fiancé and their three children. You’ll most likely spot them at Apex Church or at The K. Miss Grace is a big OSU and Cincinnati Reds fan. She's always known that she wanted to work with children since she was adopted at the age of 9. Teaching children is truly her passion. Miss Grace says "Every child deserves the opportunity to see the light and future God has given them, for some kids, that’s hard to see and I believe it’s our job to reassure and teach them that God is always there for us. There’s no greater joy than watching a child discover their light!"

Steven Stalcup- Morning A.C.E.

Steve is an alumni of Bright Beginnings and a recent graduate of Springboro High school. He was a teen mentor for the 6th grade Endeavor program and one of our summer camp counselors. Steve is currently a student of Wright State University .

Ian Crosen- Morning and Afternoon A.C.E.

Ian is an alumni of Bright Beginnings and a recent graduate of Springboro High school. He has been a teen helper for the A.C.E. program for many years, as well as a teen mentor for the 6th grade Endeavor program and a summer camp counselor.. Ian is a student of the University of Dayton /Sinclair Academy studying Finance. He is also a leader of our Endeavor program.