What are Maps?

Maps are a things that tell us where things are and how to get there. There are different types of maps such as

Importance Of Maps.

Maps are important:

  • So we know where things are to help us get around. Its also pretty fun to navigate to places where you have no idea where it is.
  • If your looking for a nice resaurant to go to you can look at a map and see where one is. But not just for restaurants for other things as well like parks, lakes etc.
  • So we know where population is rainfall and other things like that so that if you are looking for a holiday, look at a map, do you want to go to a place where there isnt much rainfall or a populated place or unpopulated place.
  • For renavations or designing a house. If your renovating you need a map to see what you can do, how much room you have if other things are in the way and if it works that way. For designs, you cant just throw pieces of wood together and put a few doors in you need to know again how uch room you have and where to put the kitchen sink even.

What makes a good map.

A good map needs:







These are important so we know:

What we're looking at (border)

Where north is (orientation)

What the signals mean (legend)

What the name of the thing that we are looking at is (title)

What the distance of things is (scale)

Where you found your infomation (source)

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