The BIG 5

Apps to use in Phys Ed 30

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5 mobile apps to engage in physical activity

Visual Anatomy Lite - Free

Check out the human body with interactive reference to the anatomical structures that allow us to move and play. See where muscle and bones are located in the body and

what actions they produce.

This app allows students visual information about the muscles that we are using in class.

We can use the app to check out specific areas of our body that we use in certain activities. For instance during a soccer class students could be encouraged to take a look at the lower limb and think about which muscles allow us to kick the ball.

Nike Training Club - Free

This app is packed with workouts from professional female athletes. Whether you

want to pump a quick 15 minute ab session, or work your way to running a marathon this

app has you covered with customizable workouts.

This is a great way to get students active outside of the classroom. By using the app in class we could run through quick 10-15 minute workouts as a class and encourage students to download the app and check out more workouts at home. It also opens up a discussion about female athleticism and strong female bodies and figures.

The Red Cross First Aid App - Free

This app helps you to maintain your life saving skills. Stocked with information you have access to safety tips for any situation even without Wifi. With interactive quizzes you can test your first aid skills and practice at any time.

This app can be a great study tool for students during the First Aid section of Phys Ed 30. By completing the interactive quizzes students are provided with practice for their First Aid course and the exam that accompanies it.

Google Classroom - Free

Download the Google Classroom App to stay up to date on our class activities, including

our schedule and assignments. Helpful guides and questions will also be posted.

Using Google Classroom students are able to check what's upcoming for class from anywhere .Assignments and important information can be added by the teacher at any time for student convenience and it can be used throughout the course.

Coach's Eye - $6.99

This app allows you to video tape yourself or classmates performing an action, then play it in slow motion, backwards or frame by frame. It's a great way to analyze your own movement and to perfect an action.

This app would be especially useful in a unit like gymnastics. Students could either download the app or take turns on a class device to video themselves performing tasks like cartwheels, somersaults or jumps. By being able to watch themselves in so many ways they can analyze and provide feedback both personally and for classmates to perfect the skills.