Principal Praises

April 18, 2016

Thank you Staff!

There is much preparation that goes into DIBELS and end-of-level testing. Staff assistants proctor, attend trainings and practice, organize testing materials, administer tests, score, and enter scores into the online data base. They walk around and monitor and try to stay motivating and encouraging with our students. We want to thank our staff assistants for all their efforts with DIBELS and other testing needs. Sometimes this duty can be monotonous, with long hours of sitting or standing. However, it's a very important role, and we are very grateful! Additionally, those who aren't involved with testing are often filling in for staff who are testing. Thank you to the following staff members:

Tammy Tycz, Christina Broad, Cathy Jensen, Dayna Gilmore, Linda Hewitt, Shaunna Olson, Ashley Sagers, Heidi Hirschi, Marie Reeder, Evelyn Chanez, Lori Wiser, Ellie Lyman, Ignasi Villa, Wendy Berger, Angela Wilson, and Kathy Warner.

We can't do our important work without you all!

DIBELS Measurements

With DIBELS testing taking place this week, I thought it would be good for us to look at the what and why of DIBELS. Many people often ask why DIBELS testing is so important. Reading is a key component to a child's future success, and DIBELS helps teachers identify students that are at-risk for not having that future reading success. It assesses 4 of the 5 "Big Ideas" in literacy development. Through different instruments, DIBELS assesses phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle, fluency, and some comprehension. These sub-tests help us know whether or not students are at their grade level benchmark (a measurement identified by DIBELS research teams). When a student is below benchmark, we are able to design direct, intensive interventions and give the students the extra support they need to close the gap and experience success. DIBELS is a beginning point for teachers and parents. It is not all inclusive and like any test, it is limited in what it can measure, but it is a valuable data point that enables us to know what our next steps are to ensure our students are becoming the readers they need to be to have success in life.

Preparing for DIBELS

Teacher and Parent Tips:

  • Express confidence in your students.
  • Remind them of the purpose of the test, to show growth, and what they are capable of.
  • Make sure they have a specific, measurable goal they are working toward (increase wpm, increase in DAZE, increase in accuracy, using sequencing for the retell, identifying main idea and 3 or more details in their retell)
  • Have them ask the tester to read the title to them.
  • Encourage them to have their hair pulled back and sit up so they can easily see the passage in front of them.
  • Remind them that they've got this!


Students will continue showing what they know this week with their Language Arts testing. We encourage all adults to ask students what their testing goals are. Teachers are helping them set performance goals that show growth during this year or from last year's testing. Let's give them lots of reasons to talk about it and celebrate it!
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SAFETY TIP - UTAH Shake-Out Drill

  • Thursday, April 21, at 10:15, Bonneville will participate in the Utah Shake-Out Drill. The earthquake sound will be played over the intercom (in the event of a real earthquake your signal will be the beginning of shaking itself).
  • There will be an announcement that the earthquake drill has begun and to Drop, Cover, and Hold On.
  • While dropping under a sturdy desk or table, students and teachers should look around at what would be falling on them in a real earthquake. These items should be secured or moved after the drill.
  • When the recording is over, it will be announced to evacuate the building and go to our Emergency Assembly Area. During a fire drill, this area is on the field where we line up. However, for this drill, we will be moving to our EAA on the north side of the LDS church in their parking lot. This means classes will need to exit the playground and quickly walk north to the church area. Teachers should bring emergency bags with them if they have them.
  • There will be Kinders on the playground. Please let these students know that when the drill starts, they should seek coverage immediately near and under the playground structure. Kinder teachers should be outside a few minutes early to be with them during the drill. If you cannot hear the drill sound from outside, then please stay covered until you see other classes exiting to go to the evacuation area.
  • Second grade will be in PLC rotations. Teachers will discuss with them before they go to rotations what the Shake-out drill is. Staff will direct the students when they are in rotations what they will do during the drill.
  • Third grade, please hold off on going to recess at 10:15.
  • It is recommended that students walk in buddy pairs, with the teacher leading the lines. All staff assistants and kitchen staff, upon exiting, will find a class to walk with that does not have an additional adult.
  • Once your class has reached the north side of the EAA, get your class lined up, and show your green, yellow, or red card.
  • Administration, custodian, and the counselor will sweep the building and then follow classes to the EAA.
  • Administration will announce the "All Clear" once a student and staff count has been made.
  • Stay in lines and walk back to the building and classrooms.
  • Each teacher/staff member will complete the Drill Survey that will be sent out on Thursday.



  • Power-Up Science Instruction
  • SAGE LA Testing
  • DIBELS practice Monday, testing Tuesday
  • Fundraiser Assembly 2 Monday, 2:00
  • Faculty meeting Tuesday, Aspen Henderson on increasing opportunities to respond
  • Utah Shake-Out Thursday
  • Teach Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw
  • Common lesson plans and data input should be completed the night before PLCs, even if a teacher is absent or PLCs are canceled.
  • 3rd-6th grades should be practicing SAGE-type questions every day
  • Last day of Reading Clinic is April 27
  • ALEKS continues through second week of May
  • All teachers outside after school wearing orange vests
  • Please have students help with classroom and outside cleanup

Dates to Remember

4/18 - DIBELS practice (see schedule)

4/18 - Assembly, 2:00

4/18 - Reading Clinic (Penland & Beck)

4/19 - DIBELS (see schedule)

4/19 - No regular PLCs or rotations, see Mori for PE schedule, 3-6 grades meet another time

4/19 - DAZE

4/19 - Faculty Meeting; Ogden foundation and Aspen Henderson

4/20 - Bukey/Penland at Admin PD

4/20 - Reading Clinic (Dixon & Beck)

4/21 - PLCs K-2

4/21 - Utah Shake-Out, 10:15

4/22 - Spirit Day

4/29 - Movie Night 6:30