Special Services Update


Question to Guide the Selection of Accessibility Features and Accommodations for Students

PARCC has provided the following questions to frame the selection of accessibility features and accommodations for students with disabilities. As we all begin to have these conversations as part of ELL/ IEP/504 teams, I thought I would share them with you. I will also post them in the Special Services area of First Class.

1. What are the student's learning strengths and challenges, and are these based on English learner language needs, a disability, or both?

2. How do the student's learning and/or language needs affect the achievement of grade level course content?

3. What specialized instruction, if any, is required for the student to achieve grade level course content?

4. What accommodations or accessibility features are used during daily instruction?

5. Which new accessibility feature or accommodations, if any, would increase the student's access to instruction and assessment by addressing the student's learning needs and reducing the effects of the student's disability?

6. What is the student's perception of how well an accessibility feature and/or accommodation "works"? Is it age/grade appropriate, and is the student willing to use it?

7. What are the perceptions of parents, teachers, and specialists about the effectiveness of the accessibility features and/or accommodations?

Hope this helps guide the decision making processing for PARCC accessibility features and accommodations. I would love to hear your feedback.