What's Happening at School?


What is Daily Five?

Daily Five is a classroom management system created by two sisters - Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. The system teaches students independence and encourages choice for student engagement. The GTRA elementary teachers are using this system in their classrooms. Routines are taught for reading to self, reading with someone, listening to reading, word work, and writing. Students know what behavior is expected at each station and why the work is important. The teachers are then able to attend to individual and small groups of students.

GT Elementary Staff Daily 5 Book Study

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GTRA High School Geometry

Mr. Harder's high school geometry class created replicas of an object using ratios and proportions. Below is the replica of an eyeshadow case.
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GT MS Social Studies

Maps of Barefoot Island were created in Mrs. Goodchild's social studies class as they studied parts of a map.
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Enjoy the creations of our GTRA art students!

RA Kindergarten Students Sing the Alphabet