Be one with nature

what you need to survive

shelter to keep you dry from the rain.

water to stay dehydrated or over heat.

food so you want starved to death.

a weapon for self defense from other animal.

what not eat

white snake root when they are eaten by cow the position will absorbed to their skin it

will effect the milk and meat that how human are being killed. castor plants this can end you in two day.

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what to eat

the one you should eat is blueberry,black berry,and wolf berry these are good for you they have no toxin in them
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so you can hunt other animal for food or for protection.

the animal to hunt should be small kind

how to make a weapon

make something sharp by carving using a rock and grab a stick.

you make a spear or a boomerang.

these can help you make a weapon by hand.


to make a shelter you need stick vine and mud that how a shelter is build
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animal to hunt

you should hunt rabbit,raccoon.deer,and other small thing
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making a trap

to make a trap you will need vine and some stick
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find a river not a lake.

lost in animal are in the lake

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why can you not drink out of a lake

a snake could be in there waiting to stick.
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