Rock it

by Mimi Badu

What are Rocks?

Rocks are composed of minerals.they are classified by how they were formed(their origin). There are three types of rocks Igneous,Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

Selected Rocks!

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Gabbro (Igneous Rocks)

  • Gabbro formed is an intrusive rock forming inside a volcano.
  • Gabbro has a texture of coarse and its crystal size varies from 1mm to 10mm.
  • The rock is Non- vesicular
  • Gabbro is a
  1. dark color,
  2. its density is high
  3. It's composition is (Fe,Mg)
  • Mineral Percentage
  1. plagioclase feldspar is 30%
  2. pyroxene(green) is 52%
  3. Amphibole is 5%
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Limestone (Sedimentary Rocks)

  • Limestone is is a organically formed rock.
  • Limestone's texture is either crystalline or bioclastic. The grain size microscopic to very coarse.
  • The composition is Calcite.
  • Limestone precipitates of biologic origin or cemented shell fragments.
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Marble ( Metamorphic Rocks)

  • The texture of the metamorphic rock is Non- foliated.
  • The grain size is Fine to coarse.
  • The composition is Calcite and/or dolomite.
  • It is a regional or contact metamorphism.
  • Metamorphism of limestone or dolostone.