MGM 7th Grade Gator News

May 9, 2016

Welcome Back!

Be sure to read through for house news, upcoming assessments, and highlights!

News & Updates

Orlando Trip Meeting: Monday, May 16th

We will be having a final meeting about the Orlando trip on Monday, May 16th in the 7th grade house from 6:00-6:30. We will talk about final details and answer any questions. Please be expecting an agenda and information from World Strides in the mail this week.

Save the Date--May 31st

The 7th grade awards ceremony will be held on May 31st from 8:30-9:30 A.M.

Please plan to attend!

Blowfish Baseball Reading Program

Click HERE for more information about the Blowfish Baseball Reading Program! We hope your gator will participate!


Wednesday, May 11th SCPASS Testing (Science)

Thursday, May 12th SCPASS Testing (Social Studies)

Guidance: SC Virtual School

SC Virtual School Info: The link for the Physical Education information is attached to the email. Paper copies are also available in guidance.

Upcoming Assessments

Check with your child's teacher if you have questions!


Math 7: Retest on chapters 14 and 15 on Tuesday, May 10th

Formative on Integers on Friday, May 13th

Accelerated Math:

Accelerated Math: Retest on Chapter 3 on Tuesday, May 10th

Formative on Geometry on Friday, May 13th.

ELA & Accelerated ELA:

Water Research note catchers are due at the end of class Tuesday, May 10th for a formative grade.

All ELA classes have a formative note catcher due at end of class this Tuesday, May 10th.


Ecology Retest on Tuesday, May 10th.

Social Studies:

Retest on Tuesday, May 10th

on Post Cold War. You must have your test corrections finished to take the retake.

Formative: Friday, 13th (Notebook Check)

World Language French Immersion (7th): See Schoology

World Language French Passport: See Schoology

World Language Chinese: No test for Chinese C1 class next week.

World Language Novice B1: See Schoology

World Language Novice C1: See Schoology

World Language Novice C2 Spanish: See Schoology

World Language Novice C3 Spanish: See Schoology

World Language Novice C3 French: See Schoology

World Language Latin Novice A: See Schoology

World Language Latin 1: See Schoology

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!