Commercial Research

Jessica Langridge

Mean Joe Green (Coke commercial), 1979.

This commercial's target market is mainly men (middle aged typically), but could also be for women for an emotional appeal for the little boy. The commercial's advertising technique's are bandwagon and some emotional.

Joy of Pepsi, 2016

Janelle Monae starred in this commercial as an example of bandwagon. They used a catchy song, along with background dancers and effects to grab the audience's attention during the Super Bowl this year. Although it was a "women infested" video, the product still targets both genders of any age.

Puppy Monkey Baby 2016

This commercial uses the repetition technique all the way through. It's also so morbidly hilarious to watch the combination of 3 different characters dance around taking advantage of the people living in the apartment. Targeting both genders who are a sucker for humor.