K-2 Team Newsletter

January 26, 2020

Principal's Message

As we close out the end of January, let’s take a second to reflect on all the amazing growth our scholars have shown. Let’s replicate those key inputs that secured success and continue full force into Semester 2 (RTI, AgMo, WDMs, HOD, building strong investment, small group instruction, differentiation, and the list goes on)! We have committed to taking on the challenge to push all of our scholars towards GREATness not only academically but also culturally. Teaching our scholars the CCSS alongside the importance of showing their Leader in Me Habits. This week let’s continue to focus on opening our scholars’ minds and tugging those hearts!

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School Wide Focus

Priority #2: No Opt Out Academics

We are continuing to “build in strategies that encourage 100% participation and thinking” by pushing for evidence though HOD! After each question asked to scholars, scholars should agree, disagree, or sign to add on. Then they should defend their answer to the other person and look at them. Below is a video from Tennessee that shows after scholars agree or disagree...pushing them to share evidence of why.

January 26, 2020

Deans of Academics

Check-Ins: Due to mid-year evaluations, all 1:1 check-ins are cancelled the week of January 27th. Please email your coach if you have any questions or concerns.

RTI: Please see our new RTI Groups based on current MAP data to see who you will be required to pull for RTI. You may add in other scholars as you see fit, but must include the scholars on the RTI list. Please benchmark all scholars by EOD Friday.

*New this semester- We will begin progress monitoring all Tier 2 and Tier 3 scholars every week starting Friday, February 7th. We want to ensure we are gathering enough data points on our most vulnerable scholars so we are making the best decisions for them academically.

Dean of Culture

Hey team! For the entire month of January we are working on transitions. This week let's focus on no gaps in our lines and be seen looking. We want scholars to know that we have high expectations and when those expectations are not met give a hallway grow.

This week’s WIG WINNER IS…

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Dean of SEL

So excited to carry on our lessons about proactivity! We will be moving on to lessons about beginning with the end in mind during the following weeks. Please be on the lookout for an email about the Leader in Me service learning projects that will take place soon!

Habit of the Week:

Habit #2 Begin With The End in Mind

Have a plan! Set a goal for yourself, and write it down. Make sure that you remind your brain of the goal throughout the process. Check and see if you are on the path, or if you need to think about your goal. Having a plan is like a race; you have to do all of the steps to reach the end!

100 Days of School & John Kelly Surprise

We got the opportunity to celebrate our scholars getting 100 days smarter along with a guest surprise from John Kelly of the Rams. He had the chance to share some words of inspiration with our scholars as well as hung out for a bit to help celebrate 100 days of school with us!

Operations Important Information

2019 W-2’s

W2s will be mailed no later than January 31 to the address we have on file in payroll. They will also be emailed to the email address we have on file. If you need to change your address, please contact Jennifer Ball via email. (jball@marthaobryan.org)

Bi-Weekly Survey Shoutouts

  • Zadynn went from scoring in the 6th percentile in ELA and the 1st percentile in math MAP in August, to the 31st and 33rd percentiles in January!!! So much growth!!!

  • Abdoallah is copying his name with 75% letter accuracy!

  • Malachi Smith has started off 2020 with a renewed spirit and more focused behavior. He is showing what we have known all along what we knew he could do which is be the leader we believed him to be.

  • Demetrius Avery, Jr. has come returned focused which is showing in all academic areas and behavior.

  • Dr. P thank you for showing the true meaning of teamwork. You take the time to listen and provide feedback to ensure that ALL scholars and teachers are giving and receiving the best.

  • Very helpful support from Dean of Culture this week!!

  • Coaching has been fantastic. My coaches have provided insightful feedback and celebrated data with me!

Mid-Year Evaluations

During the week of January 27, 2020 we will be hosting Mid-Year Teacher Evaluations. During this time, all East End Prep teachers will have their evaluation meetings during your designated time slot which can be found here!

What do you need to do to prepare?

To prepare, teachers should review their MOY evaluation rubric scores attached to this email. Teachers who feel a rating does not best reflect their teaching practice, will be allowed to bring artifacts that provide evidence to support their claim. This is not a required step and it is only necessary if teachers believe a rating does not reflect what is true in their teaching practice. Please note that evidence provided will not automatically result in a rating change but will be taken into consideration by the evaluation team.

What to expect at the meeting?

During your evaluation meeting, we will review the administrative team ratings, as well as personal areas of strength and an area of growth to focus on for the remainder of the year. Teachers are highly encouraged to come to their scheduled meeting having reviewed their ratings in advance, including any questions and/or evidence with rationale to prove competencies found within the rubric. At the end of the meeting all parties will sign off on the evaluations and discuss intent to return for the 2020-2021 school year.

Upcoming Events

Jan 27th-31st

MOY Evaluations

Jan 30th

Progress Reports

Jan 31st

NO PD - Mental Health Day

*Paycheck Cart

PD Calendar

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Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Staff Absences

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Reminders (new bolded)

  • All scholars should have a hall passes and/or office note for any front office needs

  • Save RTI academic work

  • All elements of AgMo should be in place (pathways, laps, codes, data trackers, and a response to the data)

  • All boards should be updated with the current date, objective (SWBAT..), and the common core standard codes

  • Principal and GLLs should be notified of late arrivals (after 7:28 am) or "early outs" (before 3:45 pm). Please see K-5 Playbook for details

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal