Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

November 6-10, 2017

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I BELIEVE you matter!!

I Believe in Living Above the Line

We believe in you matter, we believe in relationships, and we believe in helping others be successful. This month, our focus puts what we have learned into practice in living above the line. Top 20s are aware of their thinking and live above the line. Our focus is clear and we are aware of what is important. We take care of our inside first, helping our outside conditions improve. In this clip, Holtz believes we are personally responsible for the choices we make. We make a choice to be committed to excellence. We either grow, or we die. Holtz stresses it is never a right time to do the wrong thing, and it is never a wrong time to do the right thing. We have learned that Top 20s have a positive view on life and how they see the world, allowing them optimism and hopefulness, a feeling of power to control their lives and the choices they make. What choices will you make this week to help students meet the core needs of someone to love, someone to believe in, and something to hope for? Remember Holtz's three rules: Trust, Commitment, and Love.


To our TEAM for making this year's Halloween a successful celebration, we thank you for making memories that will make a difference today to create a better tomorrow! We received countless compliments on our efforts, teamwork, and enthusiasm. From measuring the circumference and weighing pumpkins to estimating and counting their seeds, from reading books and decorating pumpkins to depict a favorite character, from marshmallow sorts to candy corn counting to ghoulish math problems and the action-packed Super Hero parade, you outdid yourselves. I am proud of each of you!

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First 6 Weeks: Maintenance

The first six weeks of school were focused on establishing rituals and routines for our school. We will continue to teach and practice these behaviors throughout the school year. We also focus on community and relationship building as we know that no significant learning happens without a significant relationship.

Authors of No Drama Discipline, Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, suggest after connecting with our students we focus on redirection. They offer the following acronym:

o Reduce words

o Embrace emotions

o Describe, don't preach

o Involve the child in the discipline

o Reframe a no into a yes with conditions

o Emphasize the positive

o Creatively approach the situation

o Teach Mindsight tools

For more information, follow this link: No Drama Discipline.

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Forms can be found HERE

Reading is Our Super Power!

As we work toward achieving our WBWF Reading Goals, let's focus this week on building vocabulary through direct word learning strategies using web-based vocabulary tools. Authors Bridget Dalton and Dana L. Grisham identify strategies and correlating free links to engage and enhance vocabulary and increase students' volume of reading in their article "10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary". Strategies include:

  1. Learning from visual displays of word relationships within text
  2. Taking a digital vocabulary field trip
  3. Connecting fun and learning with online vocabulary games
  4. Student use of media to express vocabulary knowledge
  5. Taking advantage of online word reference tools that are also teaching tools,
  6. Supporting reading and word learning with just-in-time vocabulary reference support
  7. Using language translators to provide just-in-time help for ELLs
  8. Increasing reading volume by reading digital text
  9. Increasing reading volume by listening to digital text with a text-to-speech tool and audio books
  10. Combining vocabulary learning and social service.

Be sure to check out the article! The links are impressive!


In an effort to track and streamline the referral process for counseling and mental health support, please start with Ambur for any mental health services for our students. Ambur will manage the next steps for the students which could include small groups, individual counseling, and/or True Balance counseling.

Students already receiving counseling services from True Balance will not be effected. They will continue their own services.

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE November 6-10, 2017


  • Office Open
  • 7:30 Staff Meeting Media Center
  • Office Open
  • Train the Trainer Board Room
  • Office Open
  • Jeans for Troops: Dana will collect donations
  • Mary at Data Meeting District Office
  • SAT 2:50 Media Center
  • Office Open
  • Office Open
  • District RtI 7:00 DO

Upcoming Important Dates

11/6: Title One Night 4:00-6:30 CSE

11/7: Math Train the Trainer Training, Technology Referendum

11/8: National Jeans for Troops Day

11/13-17: American Education Week

11/15: Teacher's Tea CS Legion After School-5:00

11/16: Teacher's Tea RI Elementary Media Center 2:40-3:30; PTC Meeting 6:00 Lounge

11/22: Staff Development Day

11/23-24: No School: Happy Thanksgiving!

December 1: Chamber of Commerce TreeMendous Event 5:00-7:00, Parade at 7:00

December 4, 5, 7: Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences


District Level

RtI (Response to Intervention)CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum: Keep technology current, ensure career and college readiness, enhance communication tools
  • Vote November 7
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 11/6 at 7:30 in library
  • Meeting 11/8 7:35 in library
  • Meeting 11/22 2:50 in library
  • Meeting 11/28 2:50 in library