Christopher Columbus

By Cole D


When Christopher was a little boy, he decided to go on ships to earn money. He didn't just go on the same ships all of the time. He thought that if he learned different jobs that he would not have to learn different jobs on different ships. Christopher was wanting to use his skills on ships and find a route to Asia when he was older. Also, when he was on different ships he found new islands.
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The Amazing Voyage

When Christopher was older he wanted to go on a journey to find new places. He asked King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth to help him support ship, a crew, and 10% of anything he found on the new islands. Christopher decided that the resources he found would create Christianity. He had a brother that was a map maker and he offered if they wanted to work together but Christopher went on his own.

Change in exploration over the years

There are many differences today compared with the olden days. One of the differences is that during the late 1400s, people had to take trips in a boat to another country, but today we can take a plane. Another difference is that people used manpower to start boats. Today, we have engines to start them. Also, people did not have all the medicines we have today. Those are some of the differences between today and and over 500 years ago. We sure are very lucky!