The Palmetto State


Columbia is South Carolina's capital.It has the state flag on top of it and a the national flag on the ground.Plus it was made with some of the state rock granite.The govern is Nikki Haley.
Carolina Wren Song


Granite is created when magma is trapped below the earth.Then rock come together then cools slowly and then crystallizes.Granite was also used to build buildings like in 1912 it was used to build the one of the first houses in south Carolina.

Boykin spaniel

Boykin spaniels are smart dogs they are also very friendly.Male and females can get up to 40 pounds.The height of a Boykin spaniel is 16-17 inches.They usually live up to 16 years sometimes even more.

White tailed deer

White tailed deer can get up to 3.1 feet when they are babies and 7.2 feet when they are adults.The speed of an adult white tailed deer can be 47 mph.They can get up to 150 pounds mainly in the summer,and the height of adults is usually 3.9 ft.

johns island

johns island is an island in Charleston county,and it is the largest island in south Carolina.

Spotted salamander

The spotted salamander was south Carolina's state amphibian in 1999,and it can get up to 5-10 inches.

State fish

The state fish or striped bass was first theirs in 1972,they can get up to 40 pounds and get up to 48 inches long.How long they live is usually 30 years or less.

Northern Right Whale

This whale was officially South Carolina's state marine mammal in 2009,they can get 50 feet long and weigh up to 120,000 pounds!

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Loggerhead sea turtles were adopted south Carolina's state reptile in 1988 because 5th graders made a request.also Loggerheads can way up to 200 pounds .

state snack

South Carolina's state snack is boiled peanuts.They started boiling peanuts in the 1800's,and was adopted state snack in 2006 you can still find them all over south Carolina.