Educational Times

By: Elias Jackson Payne


To be an effective educator , you have to love teaching, you have to wake up every morning and know that you have been given the opportunity to better a young students life and future. if you don't want to be there, then the students wont want to be there. to be an effective educator it takes dedication, you have to acknowledge that each student is an independent person, different from all the others and learns and sees things in different ways. you have to teach them in a way that they will understand. you have to make them hungry for knowledge. you need to create a desire and lust for knowledge in their hearts that drives them to succeed and conquer more than they ever thought they could. you have to demand excellence and except nothing less than each students absolute best. teachers cant just teach from the time the bell rings in the morning till it releases the students....NO! teaching is an ongoing job that never stops. you have to continuously be gathering more knowledge and finding newer techniques that can better express your lessons to the students and make them want to come back for more. But most importantly, to be an effective teacher you must understand that you are learning as well. no student is the same and no student can be taught the same as the one before, its a different process each time. if you do all these you will come to realize that for the majority of the time, its the students teaching you how to be an effective educator.


Katherin Ingui

i interviewed Ms. Ingui because she is a perfect example of what every teacher and educator should strive to be like. Being a graduate from Carrollton high school herself, the choice to teach here was an easy one. Her whole life she enjoyed making art and inspiring others to create and express themselves through art. Her skill and love for art made her realize in 9th grade that she wanted to become a high school art teacher. her favorite teacher in high school was of course Mrs. Julie Cook who was fundamental in the success Ms. ingui has made as both an artist and an educator. She believes that to be a great teacher you must have compassion for the students. You have to be able to communicate with them completely so that you can understand who they are and most importantly you have to have a genuine interest in the students and the work they create. According to Ms. Ingui the best thing about being an art teacher is being able to create art and do what she loves but more importantly she loves seeing what students can create and what drove them to make it. Even though the advantages of being an art teacher outweigh the disadvantages by far, there are still some problems that she faces. Her biggest issue with being an educator is that it takes so much energy; however, she realizes that this is also a good thing because teaching should take a lot of energy and an educator should devote themselves to their students and their success.             While she was student teaching she came to the realization that it’s not always a happy job and it certainly has its difficulties. One day two students engaged in an argument over each other’s parents and it quickly lead to a full on fight. Just being a student teacher, Ms. Ingui was left with no idea how to handle the situation, but eventually managed to handle the situation and resolve the problems. Despite the challenges she faced early on she still knew that teaching was what she wanted to do. I think that because of her devotion to dreams of being an educator that she is now one of the greatest teachers at carrollton. Her only advice to anyone with hopes of being a teacher is to learn to be patient now and accepting. Always strive to challenge the minds of your students and make them love to learn and above all, never just assume anything. Ms. Ingui is an exceptional teacher and my personal favorite. She expects greatness from her students and that’s what she is given. Because of her I believe I am more ready for the things I will face once I leave high school.


High School Chemistry Teacher

Job title:Grades 9-12 Combination

School System: Gwinnett County Public Schools - Metro Atlanta
Subject: Chemistry
Grade Level: High School (7-12)
Job Description

Plan for appropriate learning experiences for students based on the district Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum and provide an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students.
Licenses/Certifications: Meets Georgia certification requirements in appropriate field of education.
Education: Bachelor's degree in applicable field of education from a Professional Standards Commission (PSC) approved college or university required.
Skills: Knowledge of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum with in-depth knowledge of content in field of certification; knowledge of techniques for integrating curriculum, GCPS policies, and effective instructional practices; ability to understand the teaching/learning process; ability to infuse technology into instruction to increase student learning; ability to work effectively with administrators, colleagues, central office, and school based staff, students, parents, and community; excellent oral and written communication skills; and effective human relations skills.
Contact Information

Address: 437 Old Peachtree Road
Georgia 30024


Elementary School Counselor

School System: Marietta City Schools

Job Description

Marietta City Schools has one vacancy for a Half-Time Elementary School Counselor. Qualified applicants must hold, or be eligible to hold, a Georgia clear renewable teaching certificate in School Counseling P-12. For details regarding certification rules, please visit the website for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, Preferred candidates are fluent in Spanish and English. The school location will not be disclosed unless or until an interview is requested by a principal.
Individuals interested in being considered for this position must submit an electronic application via the Marietta City Schools website,, and provide supplemental documents as instructed in the job posted listed there.
Contact Information


Address: Human Resources Department- 250 Howard Street Marietta, GA 30060

High School Math Teacher

Muscogee County is looking for a math teacher and academic coach. Major duties include coordinating a school's professional development, facilitating on-site professional development sessions, serving as a member of the school's design/management team, providing model lessons for teachers, assisting teachers in securing resources for carrying out school improvement plans, monitoring teaching practices, and facilitating continuous assessment of student progress. A minimum of three years successful teaching experience in a high school is required.

Contact Information:

Name: Trudy Allen



Address: 2960 Macon Road Columbus, Ga 31906

Phone: 706-748-2079


I have always had a lot of trouble deciding what i wanted to do with my life hen i get older. the options are limitless for me it seems; however, three years ago my sister gave birth to a little girl who now lives with me and my family and it has opened my eyes and made me realize how much i love to be around children and how much i want to have a positive influence on their lives. my great deal of patience as well as my desire to influence the world makes me think that i would really enjoy teaching young children. if i want to change the future i have to start by changing the future generations and preparing them to make a positive difference. i would like to teach young children so that i can create a sense of longing for knowledge so that they can then let that guide them through their future years in school and in life and make them want to never stop learning and to always acquire more knowledge. When students are at a young age they have their whole lives ahead of them and the number of paths they can take are limitless so they need positive and well equipped educators that can let them explore their mind and imaginations and encourage them to have a successful academic future. when i am an educator i don't want students to think of me and say "He made me Learn" i want the students to think of me and say "He made me WANT to learn." and that's why i think i would be a great educator.