2016 Is About Building NOW to Have Options For LIFE!

The truth is... to experience success you have to make Arbonne one of your top 3 priorities and commit to the SYSTEM for a YEAR SOLID!

Rip the band-aid off, is a lot easier than getting into and out of activity for years.

Be coachable, Do the DO, plug into everything, embrace challenges, and grow into the person and life you deserve in 2016!

December DeLoach Team Recognition

Biggest month ever!

That's how you kick-off the New Year!

Huge congratulations to Team Holly Kleiman - 10k away from NVP-in-qualification

& huge congratulations to Team Emily Sandusky - 10k away from qualification!!

So many huge promotions to come in 2016!

December Recognition

Nation Qual

Team Holly Kleiman - only 10,000 QV AWAY!!! Here WE come 2016!!!!!

Regional VP's in Qualification

Team Emily Sandusky was only $10k away!! Here WE come 2016!!!!!

Over halfway to RVP Qual....

Britt Gibson

Laura Ferguson

Claire Broxterman

Bridget Gould

New Area Manager Qualification - WHOOP! White Party here you come! Who else wants to join us? Best party of the year!

Rena Frey in Tara Quicke's District

Brook Brand in Holly Kleiman's District

New Area Managers

Coming SOON!!!

New District Managers!!! This gives you a HUGE PAY RAISE!

Anna Gonzales in Rena Freys District

Amber Mendes in Kelly Guigni's District

Erika Sanchez in Brook Brand's District

Marybeth Weiner in Brook Brand's District

District Managers in Qualification

Erica Langston in Niki Costantino in District

Paris Davis in Niki Costantino in District

Jessica Davis in Niki Costantino in District

Sara Quiroz in Brook Brand's District

Monica Conway in Claire Broxterman's District

Tracy Cook Conway in Claire Broxterman's District

Dean Henderson in Claire Broxterman's District

Janelle Cahoun in Nicole Graves District

Risa Daniels in Holly Kleiman's District

Suzanne Ellard in Holly Kleiman's District

Neily Mathias in Holly Kleiman's District

Hallie Davis in Brittney Blackledge's District

Bethany Montgomery in Tara Quicke's District

Blanca Munoz in Sarwat Suleimans District

Katie Moses in Tammy Gibsons District

Kim Naramore in Laura Fergusons District

Allyson Sentor in Laura Fergusons District

Jillaine Kwak in Laura Fergusons District

Laverne Freeman in Amber Soukups District

Savanna Millan in Amber Soukups District

Nikki Stout in Amber Soukups District

Amy Delee in Katie Roofs District

Nicole Hank in Britt Gibsons District

Jillian Taylor in Britt Gibsons District

Ericka Korb in Haley Duncans District

Nicole Peterson in Shannon Johnsons District

Deanna Nord in Liz DeLoach’s District

Stephanie Kanak in Corinne Babcock's District

Stephanie Leung in Corinne Babcock's District

Jennifer Krieger in Lisa Fenberg's District

District Manager Bonus Earners:

Britt Gibson

Laura Ferguson

Amber Soukup

Rena Frey

Holly Kleiman

Brook Brand

Claire Broxterman

Niki Costantino

Bridget Gould

Corinne Babcock

Lisa Fenberg

Emily Sandusky

Liz DeLoach

AM Bonus Earners:

Laura Ferguson

Holly Kleiman

RVP Bonus Earner:

Haley Duncan

Holly Kleiman


Holly Kleiman


Rena Frey 5,072.95 (Duncan Region)

Erika Sanchez 4,668 (Kleiman Region)

Jennifer Krieger - 4,008 (Corinne Babcock’s Area)

Top Personal Sponsoring 150

Bridget Gould - 14 (Kleiman Region)

Laura Ferguson – 7 (Duncan Region)

Jennifer Krieger - 6 (Corinne Babcock’s Area)

Top Central District Sponsoring 150

Bridget Gould – 15 (Kleiman Region)

Holly Kleiman – 15 (Kleiman Region)

Laura Ferguson – 14 (Duncan Region)

Lisa Fenberg - 7 (Sandusky Area)

Top Central Area Sponsoring 150

Holly Kleiman - 39 (Kleiman Region)

Laura Ferguson - 22 (Duncan Region)

Emily Sandusky - 12 (DeLoach Region)

Top Region Sponsoring 150

Holly Kleiman - 68

Haley Duncan - 47

Liz DeLoach - 22

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Consultants Can Now EARN RIGHT AWAY!! This is HUGE! Thank you Arbonne!

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GTC IS A MUST ATTEND. It will enhance your life and business. It WILL SELL OUT! Register ASAP!

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Who's Attending The White Party as An Area Manager?!! Anyone can be there!

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Have You Set Your Goals for 2016?

Every book on Success states that people are much more likely to achieve their GOALS when they cleary define them with a TIMELINE!

DM by Feb 29, 2016 or sooner!

AM by March 31, 2016 or sooner -- WHITE PARTY BABY!!!

RVP by May 31, 2016 or sooner!! Beep Beep!

NVP by Jan 31, 2017 or sooner! FREEDOM!!!

Have you made your VISION BOARD?!

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Do you say your Affirmation Goal Card 5X/day? Cheesy... maybe? Who cares, it's POWERFUL & WILL CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS!

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