Combat Urinary Incontinence – Bladder Control Formula

Confitrol24 is the all natural powerful supplement to treat urinary Incontinence naturally.

Confitrol24 is a bladder control supplement that balances and normalizes bladder function. Some of the features of Confitrol24 are:

  • Confitrol24 improves bladder control.
  • It is not habit-forming.
  • Confitol24 does not irritate or dry the urinary tract.
  • It restores elasticity and normalization necessary to avoid any complication of incontinence or overflow.
  • Confitrol24 has clinically proven ingredients like chamomile, uva-ursi, dandelion, and ginger root that have been used for centuries with great success.

Confitrol24 Ingredients

It is clinically proven that the ingredients in Confitrol24 help to restore elasticity and normalization necessary to avoid any complication of incontinence or overflow.

In a study conducted by Janssen Research Center, statistically significant results were achieved after just 2 weeks of using Confitrol24.

The main ingredient in Confitrol24 is a proprietary blend of chamomile, uva-ursi, dandelion, and ginger root. These active ingredients work to balance the bladder environment so that it returns to a state of normal function.

Chamomile has been used for centuries for its calming properties. It also has properties that reduce muscle spasms and block inflammation in muscles and muscle spasms.

Uva-ursi has been shown to improve urinary tract health by reducing the irritation of the urethra.

Dandelion also reduces the irritation of the urethra and helps to normalize bladder function.

Ginger root also has been used for centuries to treat many ailments, including urinary tract disorders. It helps to relax muscles in the bladder, aids in digestion, and can be beneficial in promoting healthy digestive function.

Confitrol24 - How It Works & Who Can Use It

Confitrol24 is a natural bladder control supplement that helps with urinary incontinence. It's a natural way to assist with bladder control without the need for surgical procedures or medication.

It works by relaxing muscles in the body and regulating the flow of urine. It also reduces inflammation and soothes irritated tissue. It can be used by people who have recently had surgery or are undergoing treatment for bladder problems, as well as by people who just want a natural alternative to medications or surgery.

It can be used by men and women of any age, either on their own or in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments to assist with stress incontinence, frequent urination and occasional leakage.

Confitrol24 is a natural supplement from Leading Edge Health that is absorbed by mucosal membrane directly into the anterior urethra and when necessary send helpful biochemicals into surrounding tissues to relieve irritants that cause incontinence or overflow.

Confitrol24 can be used by men and women to increase pelvic floor stability. This natural supplement is very well tolerated and doesn't cause any side effects.

Confitrol24 is not habit-forming. It is not a pain reliever for bladder pain or interstitial cystitis (IC) pain. It has no known contraindications with other medications and has been clinically studied for safety in people of all ages and medical conditions, as well as for its interaction with other medicines.

Confitrol24 Effects - How Long Does It Take?

The effects of Confitrol24 are not immediate. Studies show that the ingredients in Confitrol24 often take a few weeks to begin working. Initially, users may notice no difference, or they might feel mild stomach aches or nausea. This is expected and to be expected. It's actually good news because it means that your body is beginning to heal itself!

The body generally takes about 10 days to adjust to any new substance it is exposed to, including medications, food additives, or supplements that we may be taking.

In the case of Confitrol24, you may notice some improvement in the first couple of days, but generally it takes about 10 days to experience maximum results.

After 2-3 weeks, many users notice improvement of their incontinence symptoms as well as a reduction in the frequency and intensity of bladder infections.

Confitrol24 works with nature's wisdom by rebalancing the body's own natural processes. It does not interfere with nature's wisdom that repairs and restores your own body's natural functions.

Confitrol24 is made from all-natural herbs. It contains no dangerous or toxic ingredients. It can be taken by people of all ages, even children who have experienced bedwetting. It can be used by pregnant women and women who are nursing, as well as men. Confitrol24 does not cause drowsiness or interfere with determination or alertness.

Confitrol24 - Is It Safe?

Confitrol24 is completely safe to use without fear of any harmful side effects to the user's health. As with any natural supplement, some people may have a mild allergic reaction to Confitrol24. In case of such reactions, it is advisable to stop taking the product and seek medical advice from a physician.

Confitrol24 is safe for use by people who are receiving medication therapy as well as those who are undergoing treatment for urinary incotinence disorders and engaging in pelvic floor exercises.

Confitrol24 has demonstrated in clinical studies that it does not interfere with other medications. It is safe to use in conjunction with other medications that the user may be taking, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

Confitrol24 is a natural remedy that helps to control urine. It's a natural way to relieve incontinence without the need for surgical procedures or medication.

How To Take Confitrol24

Dissolve six (6) capsules of Confitrol24 in one or two cups of water. Use it as a tea. Sip and then wait before having another cup. Do not drink more than two cups in one day.

Do not chew or swallow the capsules whole, as they contain menthol that is very irritating to the mouth and throat.

Dissolving the capsules in water allows for safe ingestion without irritation to the mouth and throat.

Do not stop taking Confitrol24 abruptly. If you are experiencing a problem with urine flow, it is important that you continue to take Confitrol24 for at least another 10 days after your symptoms begin to improve.

This will help keep your body's natural processes from having an adverse reaction to stopping the product too soon. If you continue to take Confitrol24 after your symptoms have cleared, you will not cause any negative side effects.

There have been no significant side effects reported in clinical trials with Confitrol24.

All of the ingredients in Confitrol24 are considered safe for human consumption and have been widely used for centuries by many cultures throughout the world without negative side effects.

You should not use Confitrol24 if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product, are pregnant or nursing, or are under the age of 18.

Do not take Confitrol24 if you have an ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Do not consume alcohol while taking Confitrol24.

Confitrol24 is a natural supplement that can help people maintain their weight by naturally calming food cravings and increasing metabolism. Consuming this supplement daily will increase your energy levels and improve your overall health.