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March 16, 2018

Spring Benefit

Saturday night, family, friends, and Montessori supporters gathered at the T. Ed Garrison Arena Event Center. Guests enjoyed live and silent auctions, dancing to the sounds of Split Shot, and some yummy food by Carolina Catering. We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the Spring Benefit a success! Thank you to our parent volunteers, our sponsors, ticket buyers, those who gave donations, bidders, and everyone who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated. We would also like to express our thanks to Auction Services, Ltd! Thank you Jimmy Johnson, your team helped make our auctions a success!

Congratulations to the Smith family! Zephaniah and Whitney Smith were the big winners of our $10,000.00 drawing!

Dates to Remember

**Enrollments are now due**

March 25- Open House

March 27- Garden Club at 3:45 PM "Growing Mushrooms"

March 26- No School for I/T and Primary (Parent/Teacher Conferences), Extended Day Available

March 26-30- Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 30- Snow Make-Up Day

April 1- Summer Camp Enrollments Due

April 2-6- Spring Break

Persons of Peace

People of Peace

In recognition of Montessori Education Week, the High School students were each asked to share about an individual that they believe exemplifies what it means to be a “Person of Peace.” There was quite a range of individuals presented - from famous to little known, from local to global. We saw once again that peace can take many forms and that it can have an impact in big ways and small, but all meaningful. We want to share these “People of Peace” with you by featuring one or two each week in Montessori Matters.

Who: Bill Gates

Time in History: October 28, 1955 to present

What is he/she known for: Bill Gates is known best as the founder of Microsoft Corporation. He is also recognized as the “Richest Man in the World” with a net worth of $92.1 billion.

Why he/she is a Person of Peace: Bill Gates is more than a successful businessman. He is a philanthropist and humanitarian. He and his wife established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest non-profit in America. The foundation works to expand health care and education to individuals in low-income communities around the globe. Bill Gates has personally given the largest amount to charity out of all the great philanthropists, donating over $35 billion to support humanitarian causes. - Jack Hill

Who: John Lennon

Time in History: October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

What he/she is known for: John Lennon is known as a musical genius, both as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist. He used his music and his fame to promote peace and social causes.

Why he/she is a Person of Peace: John Lennon was a major figure in the early 1970s anti-war movement. His message through music was that of a world without war and racial division which plagued 1960s and 1970s America. His activism eventually reached the point where the Nixon Administration attempted to deport Lennon back to England. He was active in the anti-Vietnam movement throughout the entirety of the war, even returning his MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) to the Queen in protest against British support of the Vietnam War. - Jarrett MacDonald

Lost and Found

Please stop by the front office or have your children check the Lost and Found to see if any of the misplaced items belong to you. If items are not claimed by March 30th, they will be donated to Goodwill.

Middle School Personal World

The students participated in a small guided mediation, designed to quiet the mind and bring the nervous system back to a resting state. The first meditation was a stop (focus on the body rested), look (look into the quiet space behind the eyes) and listen ( hear noises, but not be distracted or drawn into them).

The students loved the first experience and elected to go deeper with a Yoga Nidra technique. This mediation first relaxes the physical body, stabilizes the breath body and then relaxes the thoughts and memories within the consciousness. Allowing a person to witness the state of relaxation without falling asleep. To be alert and aware in a state of calmness.

Namaste!!!!! And love!!!

Alli Cross

MSA Parent

High School Walk-Out

One month after the deadly Parkland school shooting, a nation-wide movement of students called for a National Walk Out Day on March 14 at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes across every time zone. Thousands of students planned to protest gun violence, remember the 17 victims who lost their lives, and unite in action to make their voices heard. Our own high school students, driven by their conviction that no students should ever have to run from guns, decided to participate in the walkout. Student council spread the word among the student body encouraging their classmates to wear orange and inviting them to assemble in the amphitheater at the designated time. Students and even a few faculty spent 17 minutes sitting in the amphitheater together with only the sounds of birds in the trees and toddlers on the playground breaking the silence. They demonstrated peacefully and expressed their concerns and fears through a collective poem.

If Not Now, Tell Me When

Collective Poem

written by MSA high school students

If not now, tell me when?

All it takes is one spark

To start a fire.

If not now, tell me when?

When can we fix everything

With peace instead of

Fire against fire.

I watch the terrified families

Waiting to see...

My heart pounds just watching, waiting

To see the number.

If not now, tell me when?

Why are people so scared about their reputation

That they don't protect our nation?

If not now, tell me when? opinions

See...without diversity.

Feel...and change what needs to be changed.

I'm here

I'm calling out to you.

I am screaming for your care.

But you don't

To you,

My life is just

Another statistic


It's just 17.

If not now, tell me when?

If we knew why we had to go

So many questions could be answered.

If not now, tell me when?

When will the halls of the schools

Be filled with joy and peace

Not the flowers of the ones who have gone.

Why is this normal?

If not now, tell me when?

I'm in high school.

It's only my first year.

I have three more years.

540 days.

540 chances that this could be me.

It not now, tell me when?

They'll saw he was sick

He was bullied.

If not now, tell me when?

It's not the metal

Nor the laws

It's the mind

Not the guns

We need only to see.

If not now, tell me when?

Le'ts be Americans.

Not conservatives and liberals

Listen to each other

And that will be the differences.

If not now, tell me when?

I fee frightened

Like a deer looking into headlight

How do we know when we are safe?

If not now, tell me when?

I do not know

If I will see

A day in which

These hallowed halls

Will never be

Tainted with the hate of men

But instead

A place of freedom.

If not now, tell me when?

When will I know of God's secret cure

I have worked hard to see my miracle through.

I have worked to the bone to see it.

But to see my garden not grow...

Is, to me, the greatest woe.

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