This Week in Room 120

Week of May 13, 2013

Reader's Workshop

This week we will be continuing our study of Biographies. We will be discussing why the subject's life was important, how the setting and culture affects what the subject is doing, thinking about the "big" versus "small" moments in a subject's life, and comparing the narrative format of a fictional story to the format of a biography.

Writer's Workshop

We are still working on the published pieces! There are so many activities to work around as the end of the year draws closer. We will certainly have them done this week!!

Word Study

This week we will be working on the following learning principle:

Word solvers notice and reflect on Latin roots within words to aid in the spelling of a word and to decipher its meaning.

Roots we are studying:

-cred which means to believe

We will also be continuing to analyze the poem "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus. We were very impressed with the students and their thinking about this poem last week!

Click the following link to read a copy of the poem:


The 8:00 group will be finishing up their study of multiplication and division with fractions this week.

This week the 9:00 math group will be continuing to learn about the multiplication of fractions and will begin to divide fractions.


Each 5th grade student received a new "punch card" today. There are only 5 punches on this card. Punches will be given when disrespectful behavior is shown. Students must have at least 1 punch left to be able to attend the Lunda Park pool day on June 6th.

Students should be reading each night for a minimum of 20 minutes!

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