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Week of March 14, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys selection this week was entitled, The Sign Maker's Assistant. Our comprehension strategy was using text and graphic features to help us understand story details.
  • To reinforce our ability to depict text and graphic features, we completed a Scavenger Hunt using old Scholastic Magazines. We searched and discovered various text and graphic features and glued them onto a Scavenger Hunt graphic organizer.


  • We are continuing to write Opinion Letters about our favorite stories and books. We wrote various letters keeping in mind our "audience." We also learned the importance of using story details to help the reader understand our opinions. By adding supporting evidence and examples from our stories to our opinion letters, the reader will be more likely to want and read our favorite books, too.
  • We read Pinky and Rex and the Bully to help us learn how to write just enough story details in our Opinion letters without giving away all the details or the story ending.
  • As writers, we reflected on what makes us "lucky" and responded to the writing prompt: I am Lucky because...


  • During Math, we completed a Math exploration on Monday ~ exploring arrays, shapes, and length.
  • We completed Unit 6 and took our end of the Unit Assessment as well as a Cumulative Assessment.
  • We played fun St. Patrick's Day math games on Thursday reinforcing our skills with money, place value, and measurement.


  • We conducted and experiment using two different solids~ salt and gravel. First we observed the solids and documented their description. Then, we mixed the two solids and brainstormed ways to separate the two using a sieve. Finally, we covered the cup with the sieve and turned the cup upside down. The salt came through the sieve and we were able to separate the two solids. We learned that when we mix two solids and they stay the same after mixing and we can separate them without change them, me made a mixture.
  • Thanks to the McGonigles, we experimented with Dry Ice and were able to experience sublimation... a solid change directly into a gas without first passing into the liquid state. Be sure to check out the cool experiment photos below!

Other Activities

  • Mrs. Rosner visited our class with 4th grade peer leaders. The group role played various scenarios to demonstrate how we can solve problems using Peer Mediation. Be sure to ask you child about what they learned.
  • The Dragon Wagon visited our classroom on Wednesday...see photos below!
  • We attended the Lizzy Haddon School Community Meeting on Thursday. Rafa Lytle was recognized for receiving the PTA Reflections Awards...Way to Go, Rafa!

Math~ St. Patrick's Day Math Games

Reading~ Text & Graphic Feature Scavenger Hunt

Science~ Observing & Separating Salt and Gravel

Guidance~ Peer Leaders Role Playing Peer Mediation

Community Meeting PTA Refelcions Award Winners ~ Rafa Lytle, Katerina Kuball & Raffaele Rogers

Congratulations to Rafa!

The Dragon Wagon Visits 2MU

Students can visit the Dragon Wagon every Wednesday to swap a book of their own for one in the wagon. Inspired by The Book Whisperer

"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters



By: Adam

This week in school we had math centers. My group was with

Mrs. Murphy. First we did measuring. We measured a…

Eraser and a calculator then we went to Mrs. Daily and

Did geo boards.

Green is… Poem

By: Eustace Wolfington

This week we wrote our own poems. The poems were about the color green. We listed all the things that are green. Then, we used the words to write a Green is… poem.

One thing I wrote in my poem was Green is the color of a football field.

Can you think of any green things? Why don’t you try writing a green poem, too.

Writing Poems

By: Mia

This week in school we wrote poems about the color green.

We rhymed words and listed green thing like a four leff clover.

One thing I wrote was Green is a lilly pad floating on a sparkerling green lake.

I liked writing this poem and I hope we do we it again.


By: Blake Macmillan

This week in school in writing we are something that is as easy as pie the three slices are persuasive, entertainment, and informative. We already wrote to inform and entertain. Now we are on persuasive writing.

So we are trying to get people to read are favorite books. We sent a letter to one of are friends or who ever we want.

Right now we are doing like are favorite part or characters.


This week Erik was star of the week he has a special duck that he can not sleep with out. Only about one and a half nights in his hole life he has not sleped with it that is crayzy .It was to special to bring in it so he brot a book abuot it and a pikcher.I had alot of fun reading his book.

By Brooke


By: Jack Mckeever

This week we learned a new Koo Koo Kanga Roo Gonoodle song called……MILKSHAKE!.

This is how it goes OH A MILKSHAKE(reapeat)STICKY STICKY WAFFLES(reapeat)MOZZERELA PIZZA(repeat)ALL THE EGGS ALL THE EGGS ARE BROKEN(repeat) JThis week was funJ

Experimenting with Dry Ice ~ Compliments of the McGonigle Scientists.

Star Student of the Week~ Erik McGonigle

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