5th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

Previous Week In Science

Last week the students began studying different systems of the body. In groups students completed a fun activity in which they learned how their own body works together like a system. Among other things, they tested their balance and figured out which of their eyes is dominant.
We then spent a couple of days taking notes and discussing the circulatory system.

This Week in Science

This week in science we will finish our discussion of the circulatory system. Next, we will take notes on and discuss the respiratory system. Near the end of the week students will complete an activity that will help them understand how the skeletal system fits together.

Dates To Remember

School Wide Book Fair: November 17-21, 2014
All FSA Thanksgiving Feast: November 20, 2014 (6:00 PM)
Science Fair Project is Due: December 1, 2014