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Google Cardboard Resources

Allow your students to go on virtual reality tours with Google Cardboard.

Want to take your classes to the far corners of the universe or witness doctors performing life saving surgeries? Then, Google Cardboard is for you! Take your students to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre or Buckingham Palace all in the comfort of your classroom. The library has two Google Cardboards that you can check out!

English Language Arts

Loyal Books

Loyal Books has over 7,000 books free to download as audio and ebooks. Check it out!

Need a graphic organizer?

Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) has many to choose from!


AdLit provides ELA teachers book lists, video interviews with authors and a comprehensive list of strategies for teaching reading and writing.

Anne Frank's Secret Hiding Place

In this interactive website from the Anne Frank House, your students can check out Anne's house by entering the 3D House tab.


Students copy and paste sentences, paragraphs, whole chapters or web addresses into this site and the re-wordified words are highlighted and as a synonym appears. This site has several activities to help strengthen and build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.


Visuwords uses web design to show students the definitions of words and the connections between words. The color-coded key helps users understand the correlations between the words in a web.

Need a plagiarism checker?

Need an app to translate Shakespeare?


Free downloadable NASA posters!

Free NASA space sounds! Add them to your next project!

Ready to solve a medical mystery?

Rice University has created a series of interactive lesson for students.
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Interactive Cells

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Social Studies

Interactive Social Studies Lessons

Need primary documents?

The Library of Congress has an extensive digital library for you to use.


Interactive Math Lessons


LearnZillion is a free, open, cloud-based curriculum dedicated to championing teachers and creating powerful student learning experiences.
  • Complete math curriculum with lesson plans, detailed instructions, videos, and resources for grades K-8
  • Math video lesson library for grades 2-12
  • Close reading lesson library with read-aloud videos, lesson plans, full texts, and other teacher materials
  • Write-along lessons with a video and student practice sheet with formative assessment for grades 3-8
  • Video lessons by text in reading and writing