August 16, 2013


It was a memorable beginning to our first-grade year! I was humbled by the kindness and willingness to learn the students demonstrated. I have no doubt in my mind this is going to be a remarkable year!

everyday math

We introduced ourselves to the Everyday Math curriculum. We spent the week reviewing simple concepts in order to build a foundation for the rest of year. We start math everyday by counting the days we have been in school and representing that number with coins, sticks, and counters. We each had secret numbers chosen from a number line between 0 and 30 that our partner "squeezed" out of us. We ordered numbers 0 to 26 in small groups (as seen in the photo) both forwards and backwards. Lastly we used our pattern block templates to create shape monsters!

daily 5

(but so far just daily 1)

Daily 5 is a school-wide practice and I was thrilled to find that many of the students were already familiar with some of the vocabulary and practices implemented. We focused on read to self. Students are asked to start reading right away, read quietly, stay in one spot, read the whole time, and build their stamina. Thursday they all read for six minutes while following these guidelines! We were quite proud!

This week we also reviewed the ISP "bee"haviors as well as formulated our hopes and dreams for the school year and established classroom rules.


open house Wednesday, August 21st, 4:00-6:30

meet in the elementary school gym at 4:00 for logistics and an after-school activities presentation