Ms. Venturino's Science - Week 10

October 6-9, 2015

What we did this week

Periods 1&3: Periods 1 & 3 are participating in a field trial study where we are testing out curriculum for the Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley, CA). This is an amazing opportunity, and I'm thrilled to share it with my students. Students have been working through the lessons with me, and so far it has been a lot of fun. It is essential that students have their iPad and it is fully charged each day at school.

Period 5: We learned about chemical reactions this week, and did a great lab on Thursday. This is a fun unit, and there are so many great examples from our lives to discuss. Additionally, students should be well underway with their science fair or iBooks project.

What's coming up next week

Next week, periods 1&3 will continue with the field trial lessons, and we will be doing many hands-on and computer simulation activities. In this field trial, we will be continuing to study chemical reactions, and attempt to solve a mystery about what is contaminating a (fictional) town's drinking water.

In period 5, we will also continue to learn about chemical reactions, and we will be doing another lab on Wednesday.

Important Upcoming Dates

Saturday, October 10th, 8am-noon - Saturday Academy with Ms. Venturino

Wednesday, October 14th, 6-7:40pm - College Making it Happen Night