The War of 1812

The second war between England and America


The British did not respect American power. Britain captured the ships of the Americans again and kidnapped the sailors. While America declared neutrality, neither Britain or France accepted neutrality. This was highly offensive to America as an independent country so this helped the US fight back against the British and prove themselves as an independent country in the war of 1812
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Embargo of 1807

Jefferson wanted to avoid war so he proposed an embargo. An embargo is an official on trade. The Embargo Act of 1807, also known as the "damn-bargo," is where America stopped all trade with Europe. This kept American ships safe and also avoided war. Even though this was a good result of the Embargo Act there was also a bad result. Without European trade, the American economy suffered.
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"War Hawks" elected

A war hawk is a person who clamors for war. The war hawks wanted war against Britain. In 1810, new "War Hawk"conversion from the south and west were elected. The south was angered because Britain had damaged their trade with Europe. The West blamed Britain for Indian attacks on the frontier.
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Native American Attacks

Americans violated the treaty of Greenville and moved into Indian land. The Indians were armed by British troops to attack Americans. These British troops were still in western forts.
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Effects of the War of 1812

How it effected the economy

Factories were growing during the war and America depended less on British manufacturing.

How it effected politics

William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson became hero.

Federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford convention and "died out."

How it effected foreign relationships

America had become a world power

How it effected culture

America entered a period of nationalism and turned from Europe and looked west to expand. America created a unique culture distinct from Europe.