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Where Can I Store My Files?

Do you get tired of lugging around your laptop or remembering to bring your flash drive with you? I have two solutions that may make file storage less of a hassle.

U: Drive

All permanent employees have a user folder on a server called Wharfside. This is a College-approved, secure location to store your files. Only you have access to your user folder.

One of the best reasons to use your U: drive is that it's accessible on any campus computer. Thus, you don't have to carry your laptop or flash drive to class. Simply log into the teacher station computer and your U: drive will be there.

For a tutorial on using the U: drive, please visit:

You can also access your U: drive off campus if you request remote access from IT. For more information, please visit:

Google Drive

All faculty, staff, and students have free and unlimited Google Drive storage.

Google Drive is a cloud-based file repository, which means you can access your files from any device that connects to the Internet. So, for example, a document you create on your office desktop will be available on your smartphone while you wait at the airport, and on your laptop while you're at a conference.

No more emailing files to yourself or trying to remember your flash drive!

For a tutorial on activating your Google Drive account, please visit:

If you'd like assistance using Google Drive, please let me know!

A Note about functions much like Google Drive, allowing you to store and access files from any device that connects to the Internet.

However, it is not a College-approved site for storing any sensitive information, especially if it includes student data. Thus, please do NOT store student ID numbers, photos, or grades in