-When and where was he born?

Titian was born in 1488 north of Venice in a place called Pieve di cadore.

-Where did he spend most of his life?

He spent most of his life in his hometown, Pieve di cadore.


At the age of 9 he began to work with his older brother. Not long after that he started to study painting with Giovanni Bellini. Giovanni had other students like Giorgione that Titian collaborated with.

-His Lifestyle

He traveled a lot during his life creating religious and mythological paintings.

-His Art

He was a famous painter who created work like Flora and Sacred and profane love.

-Who were his or her patrons

Some of his patrons were Ferrara,Hapsburg,and Gonzagas.

-Which two "isms" or Renaissance ideals are most closely linked to this person? Why?

Humanism because in a lot of his work he focuses on perfecting the human form.

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His Work

-Name of the piece.

This piece was named the Annunciation or the Church of San Salvador.

-When was it created?

The Annunciation is estimated to be created from 1559-1564.

-Why is it interesting?

This piece is interesting because of it's dark tone of death paired with the joy of angels. The dark and light blend well in this painting creating a intriguing setting for the art.

-How does it tie into the "isms"

This work shows humanism and the perfect form of all of the characters in this painting. He paints them with a gentle feel without making the form flawed.


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