What's happening?

By: Craig Williams

What's Media Literacy?

To be media literate is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms. Media literacy help individuals be both critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of messages using image, language and sound. I believe that media literate people understand the impact of music and special effects in heightening the drama of a television program or film, this recognition does not lessen the enjoyment of the action, but prevents the viewer from being unduly credulous or becoming unnecessarily frightened. I believe media is anything involving technology; the ability to see a device and know how to work it or be somewhat knowledgeable about it is in my eyes being media literate. I do think it is important to be media literate because we as Americas are transitioning into another age of advanced technology and I believe those who do not become media literate will get left behind. Also media can be written like an article in a newspaper, which you also have to be media literate to understand and comprehend. The goal of the media literacy curriculum must be to develop a literate person who is able to read, analyze, evaluate, and produce communications in a variety of media (print, TV, computers, the arts, etc.). Media literacy connects the curriculum of the classroom with the curriculum of the living room. Making these connections requires an educationally sound framework and structure while leaving room for open-ended inquiry and the excitement of discovery. That’s why I believe it is important to be media literate.

America, America

Coca-Cola in the commercial for Coke, which aired during the 2014 Super Bowl, communicates to viewers that America has multiple cultures that all connect to make up a great nation. Coca-Cola advertises/ promotes Coke by depicting / showing the diversity of America by having “America the Beautiful” sung in in various languages and showing different cultures in America such as Hispanic, African- American, Homo-Sexual, Asian etc. Coca-Cola attempts to get viewers to understand the diversity of America as a nation so that we can think drinking Coca-Cola products will make the world a better place. This commercial uses an inspiring tone which connects with the world by showing that we are all connected no matter where we come from.

MLB make Steriods MANDATORY!

Major League Baseball

Steroids made mandatory in Major League Baseball

As the start of the season approaches, big news broke today in Spring Training that has already began to affect Major League Baseball. Steroid use has become mandatory! Yes, no more having to hide and be deceitful and not more having to be subject of random drug test. Now that steroid use is legal in baseball, and the rule that anyone who did test positive in the past would be given a pardon, players such as Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds have finally confirmed that not only did they use, but their blood and bodily fluids are now completely steroid-related. Uncontrollably laughing over the ruling, McGwire said “It was hard not to laugh during that senate hearing. I can barely stop laughing now..." That was proven as McGwire’s laugh caused him the hiccups and he could no longer speak. As for Barry Bonds, he has joy that his medicine is now legal. Since performance-enhancing substances are now part of the game, what about the records of those who played the game clean, with honor and respect, and what Commissioner called, "boring"? He also went on to say, “We look forward to the new records that will be set. Image if this was legal during the Home-Run race of the 90s, it would’ve been amazing.” Who cares about health? The “long ball” sells and sells pretty big, who cares if it means the life of human being? Who cares if it means the integrity of the game? It doesn’t matter. Along with the mandatory steroid use, security guards have also become mandatory in every major league locker room. I hope it’s worth it, I hope a few extra sold tickets and a couple of extra dollars is worth the life of a human being.


Every day in this world we are taught to do as we're told and to never question anything that authority or society tell us. That idea is exactly why citizens and ultimately human beings in general are having less power in this world. We allow ourselves to be brainwashed by these companies and certain individuals in hopes that we will have safety and be secure. Ignorance is hardly if ever bliss, in fact ignorance is the thing that is handicapping our society every day. Every day we fail to ask questions, every day we don't seek new knowledge and every day we don't try to make things happen we lead ourselves into the mindset that these organizations and companies want us to be in. Until we want to rise up and voice our feelings and our opinions we will always be less educated and ignorant to the things that should shape us as a culture.

Re-Writing History:1984

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, a plane was reported to be flying to low and looked as if it was headed for New York City. The source was confirmed and at approximately 12:00pm the North World Trade Center was hit by plane, thus causing it to become unstable and collapse. There were no people wounded or injured in the accident, according to sources the plane that hit the North World Trade Center were planes that were accidentally flying to low within the allotted airspace and mistakenly hit both the World Trade Centers, luckily no one was hit in the matter and there were also no injuries. Sources have confirmed that the pilot on the aircraft was drowsy and began to fall asleep about a quarter of the way through the flight and began to loss control thus allowing it to turn and cause the planes to completely loss control and slip into the “no-fly zone.” This has been reported as an accident and has no terrorist action present; the pilot has been very apologetic and is remorseful for having put lives in danger.

911 was such a major event in the United States history, it has caused a war and various economic hardships for the country. The long term effect of my false story above as Winston was required to do in the novel “1984”is there is probably no war in Iraq, countless of lives are saved because soldiers wouldn't have to go overseas to fight and protect our country. Also countless lives in our own countries would be saved in regards to the 911 attacks; countless families would still have tears to cry and a lot of hearts would be healed, our economic hardships wouldn't be quite as bad, you wouldn't have to go through extremely tough security at the airports, people could travel and not have to worry about terror. So much has sprung from the 911 attacks, our world has changed so much and it continues to change as a result of the 911 attacks.

1984: Life Lesson

When we first began to read the novel "1984" by George Orwell I assumed it was boring and really wasn't that interested in anything the book had to offer. As we read on I began to become more and more interested in the novel as it moved into a hidden romance between the main characters Winston and Julia, and there eventual capture at the end of the novel. As for my personal opinion on the novel the way it ended did somewhat upset me because Winston decided to give-in and accept the party, i felt throughout the entire book he would rise above and revolt but that ended up not being the case. As for Orwell's work, I like it because it does depict and criticize the modern government correctly by spying on the people in what we claim to be a "free-world." if i were the author I wouldn't have ended the book differently because it was the correct depiction of the world today, the government has so much power and control that eventually you just decide to give in. The most important message I got from this was to be careful who you trust and that no matter what another person takes from you they can never touch your mind and thoughts.

Media Literacy: Success

Coming into Senior year I was expecting to take the regular British Literature of those who had come before me but, little did I know this would be the first class I would actually get to us my phone in a classroom and not get in trouble for it. Media literacy took the place of British Literature and coming into it I didn't know what to expect, there stand at the front of the class this middle-aged old man the a personality that came across as a little lame but humorous. Mr. Owen was his name and he began to talk on the first day about how yes we would get to use our phones in class and Twitter, Facebook, and Vine were all going to play a part in this course and that 95% of our work would be done on the computer. Sounded really fun until assignment after assignment began to come, but from all this I learned so much. From Dystopias to Privacy it was all a major, but probably the biggest thing I learned was to be very careful of what you place on the internet. Everything nowadays is stored and collected and someone can pass judgment on you by what you look at on the internet or even like on Facebook. The biggest thing I’m going to take away from this Mr. Owen and this class is don’t be afraid to speak your mind, don’t be afraid to put the words you feel on a piece of paper and just be yourself. This class was totally different from my other language arts classes because it felt very good to NOT always have a pencil in your hand, it feels good to let your fingers flow on the keyboard. I think to make this class better in the future the work load should be less but that’s also just my laziness. Overall I really enjoyed this class and I would've like all my other Language Arts classes to have this same format.