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Making Waco a better place one person at a time.

The Issue

Mission Statement

We will help Waco Immigrants Alliance by making posters that will be put around the city of Waco to educate the community on immigration issues and the effects on the city and its people.


  • There are approximately 43.3 million foreign-born people living in the United States.

  • More Mexican immigrants are returning home than arriving in the United States. From 2009 to 2014 1 million immigrants returned to Mexico while 870,000 arrived in the U.S.

  • Except under special circumstances, immigrants who are illegally present in the U.S. can be deported under federal law.


Our group chose the issue of immigration because immigrant kids are being moved to foster homes, immigrant parents are forced to leave the country without their children, and the children lose the support of their parents. Overall, we think this issue is important because immigrant families are being separated.

Root Cause

Immigrants do not have access to paperwork to gain legal status and/or they do not understand the paperwork due to multiple barriers. They also don't know where to find resources available to gain a status in the U.S.

Waco Immigrants Alliance

Waco Immigrants Alliance is a community group that works to make Waco a welcoming place for immigrants. Waco Immigrants Alliance works to educate the community on different immigration issues and the effects these issues has on the community. Waco Immigrants Alliance holds "Know Your Rights" info sessions and panels as well as providing legal references and resources to the community, and more specifically immigrants in the community. They also advocate alongside immigrants and act as allies and manage a hotline for immigrants in a crisis to use called the Waco Community Defense Hotline.

Maria Delgado, Waco Immigrants Alliance Organizer

Q: How will helping immigrants help our entire community?

A: They help boost our economy buy paying taxes and spending their money in our community. A lot of immigrants take jobs that other people won't take because they pay lower than minimum wage.

Q: How many immigrants do you serve daily?

A: It can vary, but around 7 people.

Q: How can we make things better and resources do you need from us?

A: Raise awareness and volunteer by participating in different events.

Q: At what age can we get involved?

A: We have a youth coordinator who helps rally our youth, teenagers can start helping at 16 years old with their parent permission.

Q: What is the most important thing you do?

A: Diffuse anxiety and let people know that they are not alone by offering support.

Q: Where should we put posters?

A: With permission from business owners, around town including restaurants.

Q: Is there anything else we should know?

A: You need to vote when we are of age!

Tactics: Inform the Community

Big picture
  • We will make poster that will have information about Waco Immigrants Alliance as well as other resources that immigrants might find useful.

  • Our posters will be in Spanish and english.

  • Our posters will be placed around the city of Waco as well as on social media.

Take Action

Personal Level

  • Lead a group to help with resources for immigrants.
  • Donate items and time for immigrants.
  • Raise awareness by hanging up our posters and passing out flyers that talk about to resources.
  • We can volunteer with local organizations and groups that tackle immigration issues.

Local, State, and National Level

  • We can go to stores, like HEB and Salvation Army, in Waco and ask the managers to hang up our posters and pass out our flyers.
  • We can post ads in the Waco Tribune that tell what resources are available and where they are located.
  • We can have local school districts post our posters.
  • Hold an assembly at local school districts.
  • Go to our Congressman and Governor and let them know about this issue.
  • Bring our information to the President.

What can other people do to help?

  • Other people can volunteer to pass out flyers and posters.
  • Other people can donate money to us so we can pay to make more flyers and posters.
  • They can be advocates on this issue by educating themselves and others about immigration issues.

Community Members Thoughts and Opinions

What do you know about immigration?

Blake Olvera, High School History Teacher: He knows it is a big problem in the world that has been happening for hundred of years, now all of a sudden the U.S. government is making laws about immigration which is making it harder to happen.

Gabby Rivera, Doctoral Student: It is hot topic lately, families are being separated, and the President is wanting to build a wall.

How would you propose to solve immigration issues?

Blake Ovlera, High School History Teacher: By educating law makers and advocating for this issue.

Dr. Tracey Sulak, Professor: Opening borders could help solve immigration issues.

Gabby Rivera, Doctoral Student: By getting involved and bring more awareness to the issue.

What worked well about our idea and what do you think we should improve on?

Blake Olvera, High School History Teacher: It is a good idea, we are helping them by providing resources.

Dr. Tracey Sulak, Professor: Think about where to put the posters.

Gabby Rivera, Doctoral Student: Make the information more accessible by utilizing the internet and social media as well.

What we learned

"I learned that it is important to advocate for things you believe in," said Karissa.

"I learned that are never support to give up when times are hard," stated Samya.

"I learned that mistakes are good because you learn from them," said Paxton.

"I learned that there are more problems and solutions to problems in our community," stated Max.

"I learned that it is important to help the community," said Casen.

"I learned about community issues in Waco," stated Meagan.

"I learned to never judge people by how they look," said Josilyn.

"I learned how to be a good citizen," stated Vianey.

About us

Waco Immigrants Alliance

"The Waco Immigrants Alliance is a community group that seeks to make Waco a welcoming place to all immigrants, inclusive of every nationality, faith, and legal status," Waco Immigrants Alliance.


Steps to provide our group feedback

1. Go to menti.com

2. Type in 94 47 7

3. Submit responses