AM National Newsletter

#14 | Week 4 | October 2015

Shell Ideas360 Applications now open!

What if you could win a National Geographic Adventure?
What if your idea could change the world?

This is the key message of the Shell Ideas360 competition, where you have the opportunity to formulate, develop and pitch your own idea, all of this while connecting with experts and refining your skills!

Application deadline is on the 15th of December - don't miss out on this opportunity to win fabulous prizes! By using the registration form that you can access in the button below instead of registering on the Shell website, participation will also contribute directly to your LC's chances of taking home the Innovation Award at AMAN 2016!

Click here to find out more about the competition.

YouthSpeak needs YOUR opinion!

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In the midst of collecting YouthSpeak survey responses, we are working hard in making the YouthSpeak Forum happening at the best way possible in January 2016 while integrating the survey responses and Malaysia's current reality/issues into the Forum. Hence, we would love to hear your input on what would you love to see/hear/listen during upcoming YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016!

Click the button below to raise your voice and co-create an impactful forum for Malaysian youth with us! Deadline to give your opinion is the 4th of November!

The Road to AMAN 2016 Updates

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Road to AMAN Portal now online!

Throughout the past two months we have been revealing to you the awards that will make up the most glamorous night of the term on a weekly basis. Now you have the opportunity to consult all the awards in a single website made just for you! Visit the Road to AMAN 2016 Portal where you can review each award's criteria and most importantly ensure your LC's nomination by submitting an award application form!

Operations Update

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Information on last week's top performing LCs across all four programmes is now out and the facts are worrying! We have yet to achieve even 50% of our planned application goal for oGCP and are down to 9% of goal achievement for our Open/In Progress numbers for IP.

Surely we can do more to deliver on our promise!

Action-orientation starts NOW! What have you done today to transform Malaysia?

Be sure to check out last week's top performers on the Malaysian AIESECers Facebook page!

What the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> AI Visit and AP Summit OC

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> AI Visit and Operations Summit

John (Operations)

-> MyASEAN internship proposal and AP Summit

Edward (iGCP)

-> Entity Partner Finalization and AP Summit

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> Performance Review and oGTP Coaching

Erik (S&S)

-> MEC Synergy with TM and AP Servicing Training

Manu (OD)

-> MyLDS Management and AP Summit

Ana (TM)

-> Faci at ALS in MoC

JT (Expansion)

-> OGX Outcampus and SU tracking and AP Summit

Kenny (BD)

-> Unilever FAL closing and Follow up with Maybank