Canada in 2060

What will Canada be in 2060?


The question is what will Canada's demography be in 2060? How will Canada be like in 45 years good or bad? Obviously we cannot tell the future but we can always look at the statistics such as population charts, surveys and many more ways. In this smore you will see a variety of information on topics such as Demography, Immigration and First Nations.


Current Situations of Demography

The current situations of our Demography at the moment is going splendid. Canada's population growth is currently higher than most popular countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, France and more. Canada as of the census of 2013 have a population of 35.16 million which is an insane number. But since our birth rate is relatively low we have to rely on our Immigration System making more people immigrate to help the economy. As you can see the chart portrays that most of our population in the ages of 30 - 60 and that's because of the baby boomers a time where many babies were born helping the population of Canada rise.

Birth Rate of Canada

In 2060 the birth rate of Canada would decrease and would be reliable on immigration's. I think this because looking at the charts Canada's birth rate only increases when in crisis examples like when world war II was in action the population was declining. Then after the war ended the act called "Baby Boomers" occurred where an extremely amount of babies were born increasing the population immensely.

Death Rate of Canada

In 2060 the death rate of Canada would increase because when the years start to progress more people will immigrate from other countries and might carry diseases which will spread and make the death rate rise. I think this because as you see in the chart to your right the death rates just keep rising and even if the new generation thinks or creates any new technology there is no possible way to get to every living person carrying a disease to treat him/or her.

Net Migration Rate and Population Distrubution

Canada is a big country and we need more birth rates but since we are low in that we have immigrants to patch that hole and make Canada a stable country and economy. To population distribution, we have many provinces with a high population. Canada's top 5 provinces with the highest population is from least to greatest. Manitoba with 1,208,268 people and a percentage of 3.61% of Canada. Alberta with 3,645,257 and a percentage of 10.89%. British Columbia with 4,400,057 and a percentage of 13.14%. Quebec with 7,903,001 and a percentage of 23.61%. Finally Ontario with the highest of them all 12,851,821 and a percentage of 38.39%. The graph to your right will show you the provinces in order.

Baby Boomers helping out the future generation?

There was a time when an act called "Baby Boomers" took place. Where a plethora of babies were born after WWII. This basically made the population of Canada really high. But this did have a impact on the dependency load causing the government to pay more money for children's education and health care. But when looking at the positive side after when all the baby boomers retire there will be lots of open space for skilled workers to be hired and show the best they can do to help our economy.
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Current Situations of Immigrations

The situations of immigrations at the moment are excellent. In Canada there is an excellent Immigration program where they select people to immigrate but they have to be in those three categories like Economy immigrants, Family Class immigrants and Refugees. Canada is very helpful to Refugees by letting them stay in the country for a temporary time but if the conditions in that country resolve you must go back. The Canadian government will take every step to track down the illegal people.

Future Situations of Immigrations

In my opinion in the future of immigrations there will be more categories of Immigration. I think this because when something gets old or doesn't change for a while people always tend to change something. So I think they would add another category such as if you ever did any service in the army you should have a higher chance to get picked for immigration. I also think Canada's Immigration will rise because of all our pull factors we offer for the better of the country.

Pull Factors Of Canada

  • Free health care
  • Education
  • Excellent Environment
  • Multicultural
  • Job opportunities
  • Family Class Immigrant
  • Economy Immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Diversity
  • Any type of abuse is illegal
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First Nations

Current Situations of The First Nations

The current situation of the First Nations is that they don't have what they asked for. When the Europeans came they took that treaty and made it something else by taking the signature and putting it on another treaty. The First Nations did not understand about what the Europeans were talking about because they thought everyone shares the land but when the treaty came they just signed because they thought they will give us goods for land. When we already share it but after they signed they didn't get what they sought.

Future Situations of The First Nations

After researching about First Nations I think in the future more schools will teach about this topic making more people aware of what Canada has done to the First Nations like put them in residential schools making them lose touch with their families and religions. Some Aboriginal children get killed at the schools and also when they finished school the parents wouldn't like them anymore since they didn't go through there traditions and integrated with the Europeans one. But since more schools are teaching about it as a subject it will be more popular and maybe some people can take a stand for it. There is one person i know by the name of Wab Kinew who stands up for his rights and wants a bigger audience to portray his message.


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To conclude Canada has an interesting history which should be taught to every Canadian for extra knowledge and because its about the history of their country. Well overall I hope you learned about Canada's Demography, Immigration Systems and about the First Nations and what they had to go through in this smore, and have a great day!


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