Ron Wyden

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Keystone Pipeline

Pros- less reliant on the middle east for our consumption of oil. Provides thousands of jobs.

Cons- Huge environmental risks. Will mainly be exporting oil.

Raising Minimum Wage

Pros- people earn more money. More money can be gained through taxes. Help those who are below the poverty line.

Cons- to compensate the rise in wages, companies may have to raise prices. Possible firing do to the rise in wage.

About Ron Wyden

from- Kansas. Senator for Oregon now

Education- University California, Santa Barbra. Stanford. University of Oregon of law.

Views on Major Issues

Very liberal.

Pro choice.

Saving the environment .

Wants to raise minimum wage.

Ron on keystone and wages

Ron believes its not such a good deal for Americans. The pipeline only creates short-term jobs for construction workers.

“Every study shows that the core result is that there are not fewer employees,” Merkley said. “In fact, consumer demand, because people have more money to spend, actually in some sectors increases the number of employees, so that’s a wash.” -Ron Wyden


Ron will be running for re-election, and his views are very liberal which seems to be how Oregon likes it. Ron should win without a problem.