Calin London's Careers/Colleges

By: Calin London

My Possible Carereers

-IT Manager

-Software Developer

-Computer Annalist

IT Manager

The information technology manager is the person in the district who oversees all aspects of managing and processing information. IT managers are usually the go-to person for technology-related issues and the decisions of technology.

IT Manager

I'm going to be a IT Manager.

IT Manager

I picked it because of the money you get. You work hard but at the end of the day you know you got your moneys worth.

IT Manager Work Enviorment

Most large companies have computer and information systems managers. The largest concentration of IT managers works for computer systems design and related services firms. Most IT managers work full time.

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My Possible Colleges

1. Kansas State

2. Michigan State

3. Michigan

I'm Going To Kansas State University

Kansas State University was founded in 1963. It's in Manhattan Kansas. Kansas States campus is 664 acres. K-State has a great education and they have great sports program. Kansas State basketball and Kansas State Football are there two main sports programs.

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Why I Picked Kansas State University

I picked K-State because I like the school and it has a good enviorment.

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