Phil Knight

By: Omaru Mustafa and Ryan Schuliger

An Entrepreneur

A person who takes risk to start a business

Who are they and what famous for

Phil Knight;


when he was at Stanford University he created blueprints for the first Nike shoe .when he was assigned to do a project about a business company he knew well he chose a track shoe company. His plan was to use Japanese labor.

History of his life

He went to Stanford University. He was born in Portland Oregon on February 24, 1938. His Parents are William K. and Lota K. His siblings are Joanne K. and Jeanne k..

Net worth

His net worth is 25.1 billion dollars. Nike's sales is $30.32 billion. That is a lot of money $$$$$$!


He has given over $1 billion to medical centers, athletic facilities, and universities. He gave $25 million to build a cardiovascular center to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Fun Facts

He sponsors Oregon University football team. Phil Knight made the first Nike shoe with a waffle iron to get better traction. Phil Knight sold his first shoes out of his trunk at track meets. As of 2011, Nike employed over 38,000 people worldwide. The name Nike means the Greek goodness of victory and came from one of the company's first employees.

Right now Nike is......

Nike is selling shoes like Kobe x Liberty, Nike zoom lebron soldier,and Legend blues.