Pride and Prejudice Multi-Genre

By: Hayley Wells

Creative Writing Poems

Hayley Wells

4th Period English IV

Mrs. Dearman

10 November 2013

Love Poems

Bingley and Jane:

The moment we saw

At the ball,

It was destined

That we would stay.

But at a time

When we were sublime,

Our connection

Faded away.

When all seemed lost

And we both were in exhaust,

We were reunited

With great joy.

And now we will live

As we once did

And peace and happiness

We will enjoy.

Elizabeth and Darcy:

We fought hard

And we fought long.

But something kept us holding on.

We constantly thought

About one another.

But could not stay with each other.

He was hard-headed

And she was judgmental.

So, how we ended up together was coincidental.

Our love was bittersweet.

Analysis Bingley and Jane

Hayley Wells

4th Period English IV

Mrs. Dearman

10 November 2013

Bingley and Jane Analysis

Mr. Bingley and Jane first begin to take notice of each other at the ball. Although they clearly are interested in each other, Jane’s family begins to “help her out” in trying to impress Bingley. Jane may be embarrassed, but Bingley is so infatuated by her that he does not seemed bothered by Mrs. Bennet’s embarrassing behavior. Jane and Bingley then take off in their relationship by Jane walking to his home in the rain so she gets sick and has to stay at his home until she is better. This served as a benefit because Jane could be with him without the obstacle of keeping her mother tamed while talking to him. Later on, Bingley leaves for London and this is the major turning point in their relationship. He leaves upon force by his sister, and it seems that his sister does not like Jane so this is understandable. He then comes back months later and is reunited with Jane, but it is hard at first for her to completely accept his request to see her once he had been gone for such a long time. They end up back together again and happily married. I see them still enjoying themselves 20 years from that time because they seem to complement each other well and they are also in love. Their love also grows stronger, I think, because his leaving for London for so long made Jane think about him more often and same with him to her.