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The basic structural protein found in hair, nails, hooves, wool, feathers and horns.

It is also found the outermost layer of skin called the epithelial cells. This layer protects the skin from foreign objects like bacteria and germs.

It's a secondary protein structure!

Different Types of Keratin

There are two types of keratin: alpha and beta. A (alpha) keratin makes up hair, claws, wool, hooves and horns. B (beta) keratin makes up nails, scales and claws of reptiles, shells, feathers, beaks and quills.

Epidermolysis bullosa simplex

sometimes keratin gets mutated which causes diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa simplex. It makes the outer layer of skin really thin and soft which causes extreme blisters or even skin loss.

deficentcy of keratin

If you don't have enough keratin, your hair may become thinner or even fall out. It also causes wrinkles and sagging skin, and eventually lose color or become dull.

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